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Learn what makes Visualr unique and truly beneficial for organizations in every sector

Terabytes of data or countable number of rows, Visualr is built to work with you at the same pace

data source

Visualr Desktop

Visualize Local Files
Simply upload your Excel, Access, CSV or even Flat files and start visualizing
Powerful Design Tools
Design extremely attractive dashboards at the snap of fingers
Data Visualization Software Visualr

Leverage the potential of Visualr for discovering useful business insights in a few seconds

Data is Secured in Your Local Machine
Highest level of security ensured while processing your data metrics.
Complete Solution at Minimal Cost
Get the best level of technology at the most economical cost.

Visualr Server

Enterprises with big teams benefit from the advanced collaborative functionality offered by Visualr Server

Enterprise Database Connectivity
Conveniently connect to almost all enterprise-level databases, including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Excel, Access or even flat files like CSV
Bring Your Teams Onboard
Add unlimited number of users to create, collaborate and share dashboards
Data Visualization tool Visualr
Share Dashboard with Custom Views
Create congruous views of your dashboards and share with your teams, management, or clients
Advanced Query and Report Builder
Create queries and build reports with help of wide variety of charts
Powerful Dashboard Design Tools
Design dashboards for web, print, mobile devices, or even for TV in minutes with pre-built templates

Check out how Data Visualization is helping various sectors to increase ROI

Power Sector

A Paradigm Shift in Data Monitoring and Analyzing

Pharmaceutical Industry

Re-structuring Secondary Sales & Sales Performance

Healthcare Industry

Enhancing Healthcare Functionalities and Treatment Patterns.

Manufacturing Industry

Streamlining Inventory Analysis Regulating Data Retrieval and Synchronization.

Voter's Behavior analytics

Developing Strategies for an Effective Election Campaign.

Human Resource Sector

Encouraging Streamlined and Economical Operations.

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