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Cyber Security & Big Data Analytics: Hit or Miss?

“The sphere of data Cyber Security threat detection and containment has been quite too much for organizations. About 29% organizations are never able to detect the root cause of the problem.”

“26% companies don’t know how to find their most vulnerable assets at any given point of time.”

“Gathering the right data to analysis and prevent any situational cyber security threat is a major issue for 21% organizations”

These numbers, if not decisive, are certainly a pertinent when it comes to understanding the present status of Cyber Security. With the times evolving, Cyber Security has become a mandatory concern area. The hackers and adversaries are no more immature. They are professionals with a proper funding plan and access to multi-million set up. With such an impending danger to an organization, with leakage of major information as a primary factor, the need for data driven insights has become important.

Harnessing Data – Why and How?

Better, faster and actionable data – the source that leads to a better understanding of every procedure inside out. This is the best way to keep cyber security threats at bay. It reduces the critical time needed to analyse and re-mediate enabling a proactive cyber warfare. Not only does data help to understand the loopholes in the security net, it also helps figure out the possibility of another attack as well as its intensity. By extrapolating the graph on any number of given factors, one can successfully forecast the type of attack. Attack probability and the worst possibly hit assets.

Power of Data in packets!

Data is never processed and saved in high volumes when it comes to security. It is often analysed in packets to keep the entire process as dynamic as possible. This near-real time approach is what makes it easy and possible to detect the threat efficiently. This intelligent data extraction is the need of the hour and makes query solution and drill-down to even Nano-seconds possible. In true senses, data in packets is the single entity that makes answers at the speed of the thought possible.

Potential and Possibility

A total of $118 billion in business is lost due to cyber crime serving a serious blow to good business practices. With corporate espionage and annihilation as another tool to crunch down companies. Many are employing about 12% of their resources in the classification and safety of information. Hence the market for tools ensuring the same is an all rise and is estimated to be about $15 – $20 billion as of now. Presently, the prospect is promising to say the least, which is another nod to the practice of using Big Data for a purpose apart from traditional ones.

Beyond the Horizon

But the one thing that makes the scenario exciting is – Predictive Analysis.

Not only cyber crime but moderate levels of policing and monitoring is another thing that gives such technology a thrust. The parental lock that parents set on their machines to limit their kids’ access to internet, the absolute shut down that companies put on websites that are deemed NSFW or the barricading put in by government that does not let citizens claim information on classified material – all are part of a giant web casted by Machine Learning. This ability to forecast what might be the grey zones for organizations, households or even governments has led to companies setting up and distributing information in a fair and non-harmful way. It is albeit, taking advantage of loopholes, but altogether fun to watch an artificial intelligence trying to decode the parameters of human tolerance.

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