32-bit vs 64-bit Office

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is bit?
  3. What is a processor?
  4. Finding the processor version of my computer
  5. Correct processor for correct software
  6. 32-bit vs 64-bit office
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We are living in the world of technology. Today advancement is in every field of human living. But ever thought where this advancement generated from? When was technology born? Or what were the attributes which led to the development of technology? To answer all such questions, first, we need to look back and consider how the needs of homo-sapiens increased over time. in early times people use to live a simple life with no electrical gadgets at all. They had an elementary lifestyle with no complications and competition. But we all are well known of the fact that human nature is to get variations and changes. They love to develop and improvise their living. So, among such individuals, some masterminds were present which thought to make human life more refurbished and modern than ever before. We have compiled the best information about 32-bit vs 64-bit office in the article. We suggest you Keep searching.

In the amidst of such individuals, Charles Babbage was the person who made a technological turn in history and invented the first-ever electrical device named “computer” that can help humans in multiple ways. He described a computer as “an electrical device that process and stores data typically in the binary systems by the instructions giving by the particular user”. The computer system brings an enormous change in the whole world and here where the technology was born.

The first computer was simple and was not so improvised like the modern computer. After its development, many changes were brought about by many different technologists to make human living better. Now, the computer is a part of all most every aspect of human living. From the time it was born till now, it had made several changes in human lives. Now, it’s further extensions like laptops. notebook computers and smartphones have also been designed that allow users to work more efficiently.

The computer is now being part of everyday living. From homes to offices, from restaurants to shopping centers even in other fields of study, the computer system is playing a very crucial part. Who thought that by the advent of a machine a huge workload would be decreased, and humans will start to live a life with more facilities and advancement than ever before? Just by one click, you can see your loved ones over the internet within no time. similarly, you can buy groceries, do the shopping and what not just by sitting at your home. Not just this many other impossibilities have come into being just by the fruitful attributes of the computer system.

Now let\’s just talk about the working of this electrical gadget. A computer system basically operates with the assistance of hardware and software. Hardware is a device that you can see, touch, or sense. There are several hardware devices like monitor, mouse, joystick, keyboard, speakers, hard drives, hard disk drives, RAM, ROM, etc., each of these hardware devices performs a specific function like the monitor is for displaying the work instructed by the user, keyboard and mouse is for giving input to the computer system according to which it performs functions. Software is a set of instructions that are given to a computer system to perform specific tasks. Like internet browsers, word processors, etc., besides hardware and software, there is another system that operates both hardware and software to work with balance and coordination. This system is known as an operating system.

Now likewise our study of interest, the computer stores data and memory in the form of bit. But what are bit? Let\’s just check this out.

What is a bit?

The bit is the smallest packet of data that a computer can store or can operate. It is the most basic unit in information technology and digital communication. The bit is referred to be an acronym for the binary digit or to be a contractor of the binary digit. A bit is composed of the basic two values of the binary system i.e., 1 and 0, and the whole computer system operates based on these two values. The computer\’s storage is based on the value of bit and the processors are so designed on the basis of this bit value as well.


What is a processor?

Processor is a basic circuitry of the computer system. The processor of the computer system is termed the central processing unit which is generally abbreviated as CPU. This CPU gets commands from the users with the assistance of the hardware devices and processes or operates this command or data according to the desired operation to give the results. This is also known as the brain of the computer which controls all the commands including the basic and technical computer communications and the full flow of data.

In modern computers, more than one processor is being made part of the machine to make it more refurbished and improvised than ever before. The advantage of having more than two processors allows your computer to work more efficiently. Due to such processors, the computer system is termed dual-core, quad-core, Hexa core, octa-core, etc., but the basic type of processors are 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors. These basic types of processors decide that how your computer will manage all the functions, at what speed it will allow different software to run, and what kind of software it can support.

The computers that were made in the 1990s and 2000s can supports the 32-bit processor while the latest and the modern computer system supports 64-bit processor. 64-bit processors have several advantages over 32-bit processors as they can supports data 4 billion times more than 32-bitprocessors. But the usage of both the processors mainly depends upon the choice of the user, those users who want to run old software can get a 32-bit processor device as it will cost less than the 64-bit and the user will not face any technical difficulties. But if you want to run applications that are modern and contemporary, you just need to update your computer system to a 64-bit processor, remember the 64-bit processor can support all the programs that a 32-bit processor can, but a 32-bit processor cannot support 64-bit based applications and programs.


Advantages of 64-bit processor:

Some of the advantages of this improvised processor are listed as:

  • Better graphics: besides handling better data and having faster performance, a 64-bit processor carries and delivers better graphics than 32-bit. By this attribute you can play graphic intensive games with more power and better display.
  • Security: a 64-bit processor supports better and state-of-the-art security attributes. This doesn’t mean that your 64 bit processor will not get attacked or be infected by viruses, trojans, spyware, or by ransomware, but the 64-bit processor works to its best to eliminate all such negative energies that slow down your computer or affect your computer in either way.

Finding the processor version of my computer:

Finding out what processor does your computer system supports is very important. It allows you to get knowledge or you can get an idea about the software that can easily run over your computer system. otherwise, those applications that your computer system does support will only take your computer space and will be of no use. To get the idea that what processor your computer device supports all you must do is to follow some easy steps that are listed as:

  • Open the file explorer window either by the taskbar or by pressing the window icon key+ E.
  • In the left slide bar of the file explorer window, you can see an option of this PC, select this PC.
  • After selecting this PC right-click the on the screen the properties option will appear, select the properties option.
  • Once you open up the properties option, you will see a processor title under which your processor details have been provided by the developer of that particular computer system.

Correct processor for correct software:

Getting an idea about your computer processor is important as it will allow you to get knowledge about the applications that will work efficiently on your computer system. like if we consider an example of Microsoft office. Microsoft office is an advanced software program that was first introduced in 2000 and supports applications like  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, outlook. These applications allow you to work efficiently by giving your documents a more modish look, your presentations a more refurbished style, and your worksheets more improvised techniques and whatnot. After every short passage of time like that of one year or two Microsoft office introduces more refurbished and fancy features in the above-mentioned applications, that meets all the demands and standards of the modern user and is an attribute that allows Microsoft office to stand among the top brands of the digital application developer.


When you install Microsoft office it gives an option to install a 64-bit version or a 32-bit version. If you are unsure that what version will suit your computer, You\’ve come to the right spot because in this post, we\’ll show you how to compare the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office. But you need to consider one thing in your mind that the older versions of Microsoft was easily supported by the 32-bit processor but after 2019 Microsoft office advises its users to upgrade themselves on the 64-bit computer system as more fancy, modern and latest features are being made part of this application.

32-bit vs 64-bit office:

32-bit and 64-bit are the processors that we have discussed earlier and based on that classification there are several differences between the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version of Microsoft office, and they are listed as.

  1. The major difference between the two is the capacity of the data they can store or access or simply the amount of data it can queue up. A 32-bit operating system can support only up to 4GB RAM. But this doesn’t mean that the 32-bit version won’t support Microsoft office, but the clear difference is in the applications and the latest features it can’t support or access. A 32-bit version will make Microsoft office run but not all the features. Besides, when we talk about a 64bit version, you can easily run all the latest features and attributes with full pace and momentum.
  2. The 64-bit version is provided with all the security attributes while the 32-bit version contains only the basic safety.
  3. 32-bit version supports all the addons and plugins that were developed earlier, but a 64-bit version cannot support such attributes.
  4. 64-bit version provides you with an option of patch guard as well, while 32-bit cannot support it all.
  5. 32-bit version is more compatible with older versions of Microsoft office while 64 bit is more compatible with the latest ones, Microsoft office 365 you just the need 64-bit version to enjoy all its fruitful attributes.
  6. A computer supporting a 32-bit processor will only allow you to access the 32-bit version of Microsoft office, while if you have a computer system that has a 64-bit processor you can enjoy the fruits of both the 32-bit version and 64-bit version of Microsoft office as per of your choice and needs.
  7. Enforcement of driver signature is available in the 64-bit version only where the users need to get themselves registered first before using the Microsoft office. Whereas 32-bit does not require such registrations.
  8. Prevention of data execution is present in the 64-bit version only which is related to the safety of RAM from all the external hazards that can modify its activities.

Final verdict:

Both the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version has their own importance, we cannot deny the fact that besides having less storage and fewer attributes 32-bit version is still able to run all the classical applications of plugins and addons, you can run applications that are 32-bit supported only and people mostly adopt it, and it is still in use due to its classical compatibility. Whereas there are countless benefits of the 64-bit version of office as well. In this article we have provided you a list of comparisons between both of the versions that will assist you to choose wisely according to your choice and needs.

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