How to access chrome extensions?

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  1. Introduction 
  2. Working of the internet
  3. What is a web?
  4. What is a web browser?
  5. Right browser for the right usage
  6. Google Chrome as an imperative choice of user
  7. How to access chrome extensions?
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The world is growing every day. There is advancement in every field of human living, but when we consider the major historical improvement the first thing that comes into our minds is technology. Technology has taken this world to the next level of development and improvisation. When we look back through human history many things seems impossible to do just by human efforts. But as time passes the variant nature of humans led to the foundation of development and advancement in human living. In this story of success, several masterminds played very crucial roles in the expansion and extension of technology. We have compiled the best information about how to access chrome extensions in the article. We suggest you carry on reading.

There are several success stories of technological development such as computer, information technology, digital information, but the basic and the major advancement that revolutionized the whole human world and that contributed to the building of other fields of technology was the development and expansion of the internet. Internet is a very huge term and can simply be defined as, “ a stage or a global networking area or site of a computer system which provides information and communication facilities that works, based on information and communication algorithms or protocols”.  Internet is basically a global network where millions and billions of computer systems and other electrical gadgets are interconnected for many different purposes. From the date it was developed till today, the internet is growing with full pace and momentum that now without internet it will feel like that we are living in a stone age.

The Internet has become a very huge part of human living. It is being used in almost every aspect of human life. From communication to accessing information, from selling to buying, from learning to teaching, etc., the internet is playing a very crucial role.

Let us consider a simple example of communication. In early times people used to communicate with each other with the assistance of letters. The deliverance and the receiving of letters took so long and too much effort. But after the development of the internet the major issue of communication was resolved. When we talk about today’s world, people communicate with several means with their loved ones within no time. No human in early time thought that it could be possible to see each other and communicate just with the assistance of a signal electrical gadget. But today the service of video calling, and face time have made this impossibility, possible. There are several other attributes of communications like E-mail, text chatting, social media, etc., which led the foundation of easement in the field of communication. Not just these important and confidential meetings are held over the internet, which saves time, traveling costs too. The internet users completely rely upon the security attributes of the internet service providers and have adopted several other fruitful attributes of the internet too.

There are several other easements like online shopping, easy data accessing, stable research, interactive games, E-magazines and newspaper, electronic education and self-stabilization and improvement, etc., that are only possible due to the fruitful attributes of the internet. Sounds interesting? Let’s just check how the internet works.

Working of the internet:

The working of the internet is a bit complex, but we can simply discuss it’s working as, the internet is a type of computer networking that is spread all over the world through physical cables and wireless connections (which is an advanced attribute). These signals transmit data or information from one place to another in the form of packets with the assistance of internet protocols (IP) and transport control protocols (TCP).


When you visit any website or commands the internet to search or access particular information or data, these commands are first transformed into small packets of information and then transfer to the internet service providers. The internet service provides grants permission to access these small packets of data or information from the server. A server is where several websites are stored, it is similar to that of your computer hard drive. Once the server gets the authentication from the internet service provider it displays or shows you your intended or searched information or data. But you might be thinking that this will take a long period of time and might be costly to the users, the answer is straight NO! All of such procedures are done within no time, seems impossible. But it is possible due to the fruitful attributes of internet development and advancement. Now let us just discuss some more details about the internet service.

What is a web?

The internet web which is commonly abbreviated as the world wide web is a storage area of millions and billions of websites that you access on daily basis. These websites are a combination of text, images, and other digital data and can be designed for various purposes like an advertisement, education purposes, entertainment bases, marketing, and sales, online buying and selling, etc., A website can be an online library where millions and billions of books are published and stored on almost every field of study like biology, sports, technology, etc.,

Many individuals mix the concept of the internet and the world wide web shortly web, whereas there is a huge difference between both of them. The internet is a global service that is intended to connect different devices following internet protocols and algorithms. And a web is a storage site of different websites which you can access only through the internet. So, this is the basic difference you all must keep in mind if you want to study internet technology in more detail.

The language in which the web is formatted is termed hypertext markup language or HTML. HTML is a very common technological term as in most of the schools and high schools it has been taught at initial and primary standards. But if you are the one who has just heard about the HTML and doesn’t have a proper idea about it, then we are going to give you a quick review of HTML too. HTML is the language of the internet and the web pages that allows its function and operation when the users go through or click through such web pages. The websites or the web uses HTTP protocols to share data and information and to transmit this data too. This HTML connects various internet browsers like internet explorer, google chrome, Mozilla  Firefox, bling, etc., to each other and links these browsers too. But what is a web browser? Let’s just discuss it in detail.

What is a web browser?

A web browser is application software that is intended to retrieve, present and transfer data or information on the world wide web or the internet. The web browser also traverses informational resources over the internet as well. The common internet browsers are:

  • Google chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet explorer
  • Safari etc.,

Technological brands like Microsoft windows and apple etc. have some built-in browsers too, which are unique in their own way. For example, windows have Microsoft Edge which was formerly known as the internet explorer and the Apple electrical gadgets have built-in safari as a web browser. If you are a Windows or an Apple user, this doesn’t mean that you must stick to these build browsers, you can install other momentous and compatible browsers like Google chrome which is one of the most common browsers which almost every technology user adopt.

Right browser for the right usage:

Mostly the non-professionals or the users that use the internet for general and basic purposes can adopt either of the browsers as there are multiple choices. But when you are a professional user or the user that adopts the internet for a special purpose or speedy work, then you must consider the right internet browser according to your needs, demand, and standards. There is a list that you must need to consider when you are choosing an internet browser for your intended work:


  1. Must contain all the necessary buttons and options: the necessary buttons that an ideal internet browser must contain are.
  • Navigation button.
  • Re-fresh button.
  • Stop button.
  • Home button.

They all are necessary shortcut buttons that will surely help you to have speedy browsing.

  1. Browser’s address bar: the former browsers do have a proper address bar and the browsing speed was also very slow. If you are urged to choose a momentous browser make sure it has a proper address bar.
  2. Integrated search engine: the search engine of a compatible internet browser must contain all the integrated search engine tools.
  3. Bookmarks: a good internet browser must contain the bookmark option, as it will assist you in marking your favorite and important websites and you will be able to reach those websites just with a single click.
  4. Tabbed internet browsing: a good internet browser must have all tabbed browsing options, which will aid you with multiple browsing options. With the assistance of multiple tabs, you can search multiple websites of different fields of study separately and very easily and it will not mix up any of your searched content.

Google Chrome as an imperative choice of user:

Google chrome is a very common web browser, everyone is well known for the fact the google chrome or simply known as chrome is the choice of almost every technological user. It was developed in 2008 to work for Microsoft windows devices or gadgets, but now it can be accessed through almost any electrical device of any brand and any model. It was initially installed on windows devices, but now in windows 10 there is a build-in Google chrome web browser which you can see on the right bottom of the taskbar.


Google chrome has many advantages over many different browsers, that is why it is the most common web browser and is in use from the layman to the professionals as well.

Some of the attributes that distinguish Google chrome from other web browsers are:

  1. System synchronization: Google chrome allows its users to synchronize bookmarks, web search history, and another navigating system very efficiently.
  2. `Security: Google chrome is the safest option when you are choosing an efficient web browser, which will run with full pace and momentum by providing all the essentials of security attributes to its users.
  3. Management of passwords: along with its security attribute, chrome provides management of passwords of your email ID, your social media accounts, etc., that will allow you to access through such accounts with just one click and will untimely save your time. don’t just ever think that chrome will not take care of your password security because it has different management plans for different operating systems like Linux, Windows, IOS, etc., which will save you and your device from all the external hazards.
  4. Extensions: google chrome has a library of extensions, which is known as chrome extension gallery. In this gallery, there are various extensions and can be found easily on the chrome web store. These extensions are browser extensions and are written by HTML, JAVA, or CSS technology. Only the users that have a Google account can access these extensions after clearing the level of certain permission and authentication. Some chrome extensions are:
  • Cut the rope.
  • Google maps.
  • Facebook messenger etc.,

How to access chrome extensions?

Sometimes when the users want to access the above-mentioned chrome extensions, certain problems may arise by which they cannot properly access through the chrome extensions, so if you are the one facing such a problem, then you must need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Open Chrome and click on the wrench option.
  • Then click the tools option.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, select the more extensions option.
  • Select the desired extension.
  • Click Save.

Your chrome extension will start to work automatically.

Final verdict:

Google chrome is a very successful internet browsing option, that provides multiple facilities to its user and chrome extensions is one of them, these extensions may include games, world clock, editing tools, etc., and if the users are unable to access through such extensions then in this article we have provided a very simple way to solve such problem.

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