How to Clean Macbook Pro Aluminum Body?

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1- Introduction

2- What is a Macbook?

3- Materials which is used for making Macbook’s body

4- MacBook Pro

5- Consideration of few things

6- How to clean Macbook Pro Aluminum body?

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Do you remember when you got your first Personal Computer? Was it a traditional Desktop with different physical parts or a bit modern one in the form of a laptop? They both are computers, used for the same purpose but technology has revolutionized with the passage of time.

There is a considerable difference between the computer and the laptop. The laptop is much lighter in weight, looks more elegant, is convenient to use, has all in one character in one unit, requires less space and is easily portable, no annoying noise, and is not always dependent on continuous electricity. It can be charged and used even when there is an electrical breakdown as this a major problem in some countries. You can not continue working on the desktop computer without electricity but a laptop subjected to its charging. We have compiled the best information about how to clean Macbook pro aluminum body in the article. Carry on analyzing.

It was difficult to carry the computer earlier as it has different parts which covered more space and were heavy too, later the laptop was introduced to the market which was very attractable, light weighted and convenient as compared to the former, but it was a bit expensive to buy,  with the entry of new and more advanced technologies the prices of previous models kept on declining, hence meeting the purchasing power of the general public, as the time passed by the things started getting smarter and smarter.

Earlier, a simple laptop was introduced to the market, later it kept on being advanced, with more special characteristics, quality of Lcd’s kept on improving with high resolution and more clear, near to real, visual display. Moreover, advanced operating systems were made with much higher speed, bigger memory size, and more features.

Do you know that laptops too have different types with specific names? Well, some of them are IdeaPad, Elitebook, Acer Swift, ASUS, and Macbook.

What is a Macbook?

What is Macbook

MacBook is a Macintosh laptop computer that has an operating system that is powered by Apple known as macOS. Some of its salient features are as below,

Retina Display, battery time up to 20 hrs, greater storage capacity, higher speed. If we talk about its advantages there are many, some of them discussed below,

  • Pocket friendly- when you go to market, you may get a pc at fewer prices than the MacBook, but its value gets down more quickly as compared to later. If you buy a MacBook, you will get a long-term benefit through it. So it is always a wise decision to spend money on a product that would be used for a long time, resulting in the maximum utility of the money spent on it.
  • Resistant to viruses – MacBook’s operating system has less threat from virus attacks as compared to Microsoft operating systems. It is built smarter and easily provides protection from different malwares.
  • Reliable Time Machine – In MacOS you can easily perform the backing process by just turning on the Time Machine, and it will do all for you, adding to it, you can get back to your deleted files whenever you want through this system.
  • Easy Upgrading – Macbook Operating system can easily and conveniently be upgraded as compared to others.

As time passes by, our needs and demands keep on changing. When no laptop was introduced traditional desktop computers were attractive and useful as they were the only ones available, but as the new product is introduced to the market, the demand and use of previous products decreases. We as humans are very much attracted to innovations and inventions. It is natural human behavior to want more ease and facilities as we move on.

So, coming back to our point, we always want the latest thing to be in our hands, presently MacBook is the latest form of computer and most demandable currently. Let’s discuss what is special about it that it has made it a favorite among its consumer.

Apart from its good operating system and greater computing efficiency, its body makes it standing among others.

Materials used for making Macbook’s body


There are different materials used for its body each carrying different properties. Some of them which will be highlighted here are magnesium, polycarbonate, and aluminum.

Magnesium – it is silver, malleable metal which can easily be processed into thin sheets and molded into different shapes easily, having corrosion resistance. It is strong and durable so it is used to make different products, MacBook is one of them.

Polycarbonate – this is a form of natural plastic that can be given different colors. They are transparent, allowing light to pass through them with the same consistency as in the glass. They are strong, hard, and easily moldable into shapes. Used for making different products, hence, for making the laptops too.

Aluminum- has all the properties which make it more beneficial to use in the manufacturing sector. It is a silver-colored metal, which is high resistance to heat, light-weighted, easily recyclable, and resistant to weather conditions, protecting it from moisture and getting rust. It is more profitable to use to make laptops as it can be designed better as compared to others, gives more refined finishing, and a more attractive look to it, above all, it is more durable.

Above we have discussed the MacBook generally, the metals needed for its production, their special properties which make them useful, now coming towards our main product, Macbookpro. What is a MacBook Pro, what makes it distinguished, and what are its main features? Here you will get answered to all these queries.

MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro is a series of Macintosh portable computers, that has been introduced in six generations up to date. Here we are going to glimpse through all of them and know about their unique features.

First-generation – this was introduced in 2006, which was made available in 15 and 17 inches, comprising webcam, Intel Core Cpu with a slim body as compared to earlier laptops.

The second generation – known as the Unibody model, came into the consumer’s access in 2008. It was called so as its body was manufactured with a single piece of aluminum and had a single click button. It was readily available in three sizes, 13”, 15”, and 17”.

Third generation-  with a smarter and slimmer look introduced as Macbook pro in 13” and 15”. In addition, the high-resolution Retina display makes it more attractive.

Fourth-generation – introduced in 2016, had a flat keyboard mechanism with a touch bar instead of functional keys and in its power button, was integrated touch id making it more unique.

Fifth-generation – came into the market in 2019 with its scissor-mechanism magic keyboard. It means the keys had a 1mm travel distance in between. In 2020 was introduced the second model of the fifth generation with a more sophisticated screen held by confined bezels.

The sixth-generation – with an Apple-designed processor called M1 was released by the end of 2020.M1 is a chip that is built with a 5nm technology in the CPU making it the fastest central processing and low power consumption unit in the world.

It is good to have complete knowledge of the product from the buying stage till its consumption. A wise and successful consumer is always rational. He, before purchasing a product surveys the product in the market. Looks thoroughly at their characteristics and their prices. As we know if we go to buy a product, it would have different prices in different places. So, why spend more money on the same product?

For this purpose, one should first visit multiple shops then finalize the product with the best price. You are not finished yet! Maintenance is also an important factor needed to be considered. After buying a product, if you do not care about its maintenance, it will soon lose its originality, so we should pay heed to its maintenance too. For instance, you have bought a new car, all shiny, clean and clear, but if you take it out for a drive 2, 3 times and not clean it, would it look the same? The answer is “No”. This means that the things we use need simultaneous care.

We should clean the car after every drive and should give it away frequently. This keeps its external look stable, and now coming to the internal maintenance, it needs to be serviced after some time and needs the oil to be changed, a routine check-up before the driver should be conducted. Its engine water, tire, etc. should be monitored. The same is the case with all the assets belonging to us. If we talk about laptops, they too need care. We should not leave the laptop charged for a long time and should take its charging pinout after it is fully charged.

This will extend its life. Should handle it carefully, avoiding it from falling, keep it aside while eating or drinking, internally, should not put so much burden of extra applications, that will affect its function. A virus scan should be run most often and the junk files are deleted to keep it work efficiently. Now, if we talk about its body, it should look nice and clean too. So, now we are going to discuss how we can keep our MacBook pro aluminum neat and clean.

Consideration a few things:

You should keep into consideration a few things while cleaning your Macbook pro aluminum.

  • Remove all the plugs and switches and shut them down
  • Use only soft and lint-free cloth.
  • Do not wipe too much
  • Do not damp the cloth too much
  • Don’t use sprays
  • Don’t let moisture get in the spaces.
How to clean Macbook Pro Aluminum Body?


 It is very easy to clean your MacBook pro aluminum. You just need a few things to clean it.

Tools used- fluff-free clean cloth, 70% isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), water, q- tip (commonly known as cotton earbuds)

Cleaning the keyboard- Take the cloth and damp it a little, avoid damping too much so it releases drops. Gently, clean the keyboard’s surface. Later soak the q-tip with 70% isopropyl alcohol and softly and delicately clean the spaces between the keys.

Cleaning and shining the screen– hold another clean cloth partially damp it with water and start cleaning up the dust and stains from the screen.

Cleaning the aluminum body- dampen the cloth with isopropanol and slowly and softly wipe away any stain, dust, or debris from its body.

The Final Conclusion:

After reading this article, now you would have become well aware of the different types of computers and their physical and internal processing features that distinguish them from each other, and laptops. Laptops are very convenient to use as they are easily portable. They can assist us in any profession. If you are an office worker, laptops help you to complete your pending task after you get and relax at your home later at night. If you are a teacher, you can in between your free periods prepare a lecture or research a topic to be taught.

These can be used while relaxing and sitting on your bed as compared to desktop computers. They have special features too, specifically, MacBook pro. We have talked about the components, characteristics that make it unique in its characteristics, and demand. We have not only learned about its specification but also its maintenance as well. Everything in use should be justified. If we don\’t take care of the things they will lose their original look and working efficiency too. All our possessions need to take care of. So here, we mainly discussed cleanliness as one of the important factors of maintenance keeping in view MacBook pro aluminum.

How it should be cleaned and the precautions need to be taken into consideration while doing so. It is neither a difficult task to accomplish nor needs lots of things to carry out. You just need a few things that are readily available at your homes. Just determine when and after how many days to repeat this process and then do it. This will help you to keep your Macbook pro body super clean and glossy!

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