how to test IMAC power supply

How to Test IMAC Power Supply?

Index: What\’s Covered in the Article

1- Impact of technology in our lives
2- Computer and our life cores
3- IMAC technology and its Characteristics
4- Possible Problems in IMAC
5- Trouble shooting power supply
6- The procedure of testing IMAC Power Supply
7- Tools Needed
8- Getting access
9- Method Of Testing Power Supply Unit

First thing first, technology and our life!

Imagine how our lives would be if there were no scientific and technological inventions. Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be for us if there was no electricity? Won’t everything will be dim, boring, and frustrating? And what about machines, which are precious gifts by the inventors to us. The task which needed to be completed in hours now can be done in a few minutes with a precise, accurate, and satisfying outcome.

Machines are making our life so easy and comfortable day by day whether you are an individual or an organization, you are fully enjoying its functional benefits. We have compiled the best information about how to test IMAC\’s power supply in the article. We suggest you to carry on your seek.


Before, this modern age of technological advancement people needed to fully utilize their physical energy in order to complete their chores whether household or professional. Water was pulled out manually through the wells, the land was plowed with the help of animals, clothes were washed manually but know you have been saved from the fatigue and time used to fulfill these activities. Motors, tractors, washing machines have replaced your manual work fatigue, resulting in saving your time and energy. Hence, machines have become life savior for us. Initially, Official data was recorded manually, a huge number of files were kept in the offices to maintain the records, and was pretty time-consuming to reach them back, but now everything is stored in the computer, which can be reverted back with a single click which saves time and space too.

Computer and Our life cores!

If we talk about the computer, it was first introduced to the world in the 19th century. At that time no one would have known that it would bring a huge revolution to the world but now, it has captured every profession of life. Almost three decades back a common person didn’t have access to it as it was not into their purchasing power, but as the time passed by, and the advancement in computer technology, the previous products’ prices kept on falling allowing easy access for the general public. We are now heavily dependent on it whether it is interacting with our distant friends, need to conduct online shopping, carry on an online banking transaction, or need to consult with a doctor, the computer is always there for us!

Primarily the computer was invented as a huge physical unit that almost fitted into a room but with the passage of time, it has become more and more concentrated and sophisticated. Initially, it was introduced in the form of a desktop computer which comprised of a heavyweight monitor a bulky Central Processing Unit, a mouse, and a Keyboard. As time passed by, things started to become more concentrated. Now, all the processing unit is installed in a single unit, that means you don’t need to buy separate parts of the computer to make a set, which is very much convenient than the former.

IMAC the Advanced technology and Its Characteristics:

IMAC -Internet Macintosh (Apple) is a single device that has a built-in processor and doesn’t require a separate one. It has the latest operating system installed on it.


Furthermore, it has wireless connectivity ability with the iPhone and I pad. This process is performed by using iCloud or AirDrop. Another interesting and useful feature it has is that the programs running on the iPad can be simultaneously opened and used on it. Some salient features that make the iMac worthful as compared to PC windows are,

Physical Appearance:

It is an all-in-one device, with eye-catching aesthetics, light-weighted, chargeable so can be carried on anywhere you want. Suppose you want to go for a break from a monotonous daily routine but still don’t want to cut away from your work, you can carry this and continue your work!


As its operating system is dependent on UNIX, it makes it more secure than the rivals.


It looks simple as all the hardware and ports are installed inside the monitor and as the mac operating system is the latest, it has made things in it more easy and convenient for the user.

Every machine, even though how productive or successful can become out of work anytime. To overcome this scenario, we need to be well aware of its warrant policies, backup, etc.

The best you can do is to completely become aware of the product by reading guide manuals or searching through the net. It would be great if you would not need to go and look for a technician for very small defects for this you should prepare yourself to overcome these on your own. It is not ideal to depend wholly and solely on others.

Possible Problems in IMAC

Suppose you are working on the IMAC and it suddenly blackouts, would it be wise to just pick up the phone and call the technician? Maybe there is a very minor problem let’s say a wire in the power supply has been disconnected due to which the current flow has been blocked, which you can after a bit of know-how fix yourself then why go for others?


How can we diagnose its improper functions and when to be concerned?

If it is shutting down on its own and is creating the problem to power on.

Its battery life is declining.

It takes a long time than usual to boot.

If the apps are getting stuck or not responding properly.

Fans are working abnormally.

It gets heated quickly.

LEDs don’t function properly, causing issues in indicators, or keyboard lights.

Trouble shooting power supply

The most critical issue above discussed is the sudden shutdown. What would be the main cause of this problem? It may be a fault in the power supply. So, what should you do to test the iMac’s power supply? Below we will elaborate the method and each step clearly so you can follow the same and perform this task on your own.

Tools needed:

Phillips Screwdriver,

Torx size screwdrivers,


Suction cups

flat-head screwdriver Jeweler\’s-size, etc.

Getting access:


How to get access to it?

First of all, make sure that your device is unplugged, then, find out where the opening part (door) of the iMac is.

In the middle of the door, you will find a screw, open it with the help of the screwdriver.

Now remove the door from the iMac.

Next, clean the glass which is attached to the front of the monitor has 14 magnets underneath holding it in the place. You cannot just lift the glass up with a sharp object it will not work and damage it. For this, you need suction cups.

Then, hold two suction cups, and place them on the parallel sides of the glass. Carefully lift up the glass panel by holding the stuck suction cups.

You will now get access to the front cover (bezel). You will now notice that it is fixed by 12 screws with the back case, unscrew them.

Now, start detaching it delicately with a gap of 2-3 cm starting from the top. Make sure not to detach from the bottom first.

Here you will notice a microphone cable, remove it if you want to, or simply rest the bezel on the table it is up to you.

You will now come across 8 screws fitted on the boundary of the LCD, unscrew and remove them, now you can see the Power Supply Unit.

Method of Testing Power Supply Unit:

Locate the 10 pins plug, through which you will determine the voltage supply.

Make sure to set the multimeter to 20 V DC prior to testing the power supply unit. If you set it to lower voltage you can overload it, hence causing damage.

The multimeter has two test probes, one negative which is black, and the other positive which is red.

Next, determine the ground pin. It is on the low left corner parallel to the clip.

Now, cautiously, insert the black probe into the ground pin and the red one in all the others one by one. Make sure not to shorten any other pin, except these 10 plug pins, it would otherwise, harm your iMac.

Record the data as you do so.

Relate your recorded data to the iMac power supply voltage chart.

Check if each point has the same voltage supply as stated in the chart which is illustrated below,

PIN          1         2        3         4         5
STANDBY          0         0        0         0       3.8 V
ON          0       12 V        0      2.2 V         0
PIN          6        7        8         9        10
STANDBY          0        0       12v         0          0
ON          0      12V       12V       12V          0
Final Conclusion:

Depending on others or looking at others for what you can even do by yourself is not a very wise decision. Fixing up or repairing your essentials not only saves money and time but also increases self-satisfaction and self-pride. You feel good. In this computer age, you can easily find a solution to your problem at your fingertips. Like a continental dish, want to make it, but do not know the recipe. No problem! You can look for it on Google or YouTube in a few seconds. If you want to learn a certain skill, just feed the words into the computer or your android, there you go! You will have it all in front of your eyes.

Similarly, if there is a problem with machines which you use in your kitchen, or for any other household chore, initially why not try to fix it up on your own? Try to look for it on Google, or other search engines. Mostly, you will find a solution, but, not in all cases. If there is a complicated, delicate, or very technical issue you need to consult an expert.

Above we discussed IMAC, how to reassemble it and locate its power supply unit. It seemed to be difficult prior to its discussion, you may have been facing difficulties or have had many doubts regarding this procedure, but by now things have become easier and familiar for you.

We have learned how to access and test the power supply unit of iMac.

Well, nothing is difficult if we aim for it. We just need to look for the authentic method or rules, and then by following them, should proceed. We have tried to make this task as simple for you as we could. Summing up,

First of all, we need to know how we are going to open up the external part of the iMac, and how we are going to access the power supply unit, and all the information we need to proceed with it. This can be done by looking going through a guide or searching on the internet.

Secondly, we should know and arrange the tools we are going to need while attempting the task. Thirdly, is the practical part, make sure all the power cables are disconnected from the IMAC and then open up and remove the screws and reach the targeted part, step by step keeping in mind all the precautions.

Further, we should be well familiar with which part we need to look for, how is it made, what are its components, and where it is located. Without prior knowledge, you may not be able to do so. So, here we need to work with the 10 pins plug, and with the use of a multimeter, we need to test its voltage supply. For this, we should also know about the components and the function of a multimeter. It has a screen to display the voltage tested and a pre-testing voltage setter system.

In our case, we set it to 20 V DC. It has two probes one black which is negative, the other red which is positive. These are attached to the pins of the plugs. This is a very sensitive task because a minor fault can cause pretty harm to your MAC. After recording the results, we need to compare the data with the power supply voltage chart which you have confronted above and you are done!

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