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Twitter Data Provider

This article was last updated by on September 18th, 2017 in Data API | Applicable for versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

In order to fetch the data from a Twitter profile, you just need to connect to Twitter through Visualr. The application will redirect you to the Twitter website for authentication. Once the credentials are verified, it will pull all the data required by you to help you creating dashboards. The data fetched by a Twitter profile is organized into these three categories:

i. Followers List:
It denotes the entire list of Twitter users that have been following your Twitter profile to receive updates and tweets from you.
ii. Friends List: All the Twitter profiles being followed by you are mentioned in this list.
iii. User Details: Vital information of the Twitter profiles either following you or being followed by you – such as Twitter handle, name, age, sex, location, description, interests and so on are fetched and retrieved under this category for carrying out data analysis and visualization.
iv. Top Trends: The trends which are running at the top in the Twitter world on global or geographical basis, are shown under this list. Normally, the most talked about topics in social media are said to be trending.
v. Tweets: It displays the tweets that have been either posted or re-tweeted by the Twitter profile that is being analyzed, which helps in drawing better business insights about the tweets and their impact upon the social media world.
vi. Users most re-tweeted: The Twitter users whose tweets have been re-tweeted the most by the Twitter profile being analyzed, are displayed in this list. It gives a general idea to be graphically displayed about the choices, inclinations and priorities of your Twitter profile.
vii. Users most mentioned: Similar to the users most re-tweeted, the Twitter users whose handle have been mentioned the most by the Twitter profile being analyzed, are displayed in this list. It offers a list to display the handles of the Twitter users whom you tend to engage in a conversation with on a priority basis.
viii. Users most used hashtag: If you have included hashtags in your tweets for promoting any cause or brand or product etc., this feature proves to be useful in revealing which hashtags do you prefer to propagate the most. It gathers information about the hashtags used by you, and displays the ones used in biggest frequency in a list.

Favorites List:

First of all, you must enter a name for the new Twitter data provider record to be saved in Visualr, by typing in a name in the ‘Name’ text field. After this, you categorically need to select the checkboxes against all the data types you need to pull through a Twitter profile, while adding a new Twitter profile to Visualr using the ‘ADD NEW TWITTER DATA PROVIDER’ dialog box. After selecting all the required checkboxes, click upon the green ‘Save’ button, and your data will be fetched.