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This article was last updated by on September 18th, 2017 in Data API | Applicable for versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

The ‘View Dashboard’ functionality in Visualr allows the users to have a final look upon the dashboard in a form that it was intended to assume. A general view of the Visualr dashboard is as follows:

Dashboard View

Multi Tab

Visualr allows the dashboard designers to add may tabs to a single dashboard, so that multiple dashboards may be displayed within a dashboards, within various tabs. Using various filters, the data to be displayed in these dashboards may be further selected.

In the sample dashboard that follows, three different charts viz. an Excel Column Chart, an Excel Donut Chart and an Excel Bar Chart have been displayed in a single tab titled ‘HRMS DB-1’. Additionally, a Dropdown filter and a Radio filter have also been included in the dashboard to modify the data to be displayed.

Toggle Filter Button in Dashboard Designer

When the charts displayed in your Dashboard include various filters for data values, a ‘Toggle Filter’ button is specified near the top-right corner of Dashboard screen. Upon clicking it, all the Filter icons are displayed in the Dashboard charts for selecting desired values. Clicking again upon the ‘Toggle Filter’ icon hides all the Filter icons in the Dashboard charts.

Dashboard List: 
On the extreme right exists the button for exploring the entire dashboard list that specifies all the dashboards available to be displayed by the user within Visualr. Clicking upon the dashboard names, the user may view different dashboards; while clicking upon the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ button allows him to modify or remove any dashboard from the Visualr repository.

Pan and zoom functionality in charts

In the bar, column, area and line forms of chart, if the number of display points is too big, the results are usually not visible properly. The Zoom functionality come in handy in such situations, allowing you to drill into the data points to achieve a clear look into the insights. While zooming in or out, you can pan or drag the screen towards the left or right in order to view the next data point.



Additionally, you can also click at the ‘Administrator Button’ lying near the top-right corner of the Dashboard page, to share it with your colleagues, seniors or clients by uploading it directly to the Visualr Cube, the latest Dashboard Sharing Utility incorporated into Visualr.


Export Options

Visualr provides you with a number of export options for exporting the dashboards of your choice to various file formats and platforms. Every dashboard page features a ‘Download Icon’ near the top-right corner, clicking upon which allows you to export the dashboard in PDF, PNG, SVG, Excel or CSV file format. All the exported files get saved bearing the name of the dashboards pertaining to them in the ‘Downloads’ folder of the system by default. The date & time of creation of every file that is exported by Visualr is displayed near its left-bottom corner.


Report Full Screen 

If you intend to view a dashboard or report in full-screen mode, you must click upon the ‘Expand’ button in a report. It will maximize the view of that specific report to cover entire screen, and offer you a detailed and focused view into it.

Visualr Cube

A smart add-on available with the Visualr, Visualr Cube unleashes the endless possibilities for you to establish a smooth and swift connectivity with your executives, colleagues or clients etc. Leveraging the potential of this beautiful tool, you could exchange dashboards, share information and collaborate efforts among each other to gain better insights into your business in a collective manner. Just enter your Visualr Username and Password in the text fields provided, and you are ready to share your dashboards through Visualr Cube.