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Apple inc. is one of the most trusted brands when we talk about technology. Smartphones, laptops, computer systems designed by Apple inc. have a remarkable place in the market. They are worth purchasing. They are not only reliable, but the kind of developer that also tries to give a modish look to your houses and working benches with their stylish yet durable products. When we talk about laptops, the laptop service provided by apple inc. is known as MacBook. It is a product of Macintosh computers which was developed in 2006. It is designed and marketed by Apple inc. It’s considered as one of the most successful products of Apple inc. when we talk about durability, storage, and advanced notebook computers MacBook leads the rest. Due to such properties, several advanced series of MacBook with more attributes were introduced and apple will continue to present more modish and improvised versions of the MacBook. We have compiled the best information about files disappeared from external hard drive Mac in the article. Continue your research.

The three main versions were introduced are, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, each having a different specialty. As you go through this advanced series you will be able to encounter the fact that every new version is provided with better and finer attributes. The features are refurbished in every upcoming series. Even the latest MacBook series are made upgradeable, which means that you don’t have to change your laptop after using It for some years as it fails you to provide the latest features. The new version of the MacBook will update itself yearly allowing you to enjoy the latest fruits of technology.

Let’s just first discuss those attributes that distinguish MacBook from other ordinary laptops. The first thing that we are going to discuss here is the main body. It is made up of a light-weighted yet tensile alloy of aluminum that allows us to have a laptop that is strong enough to bear minor damages. Secondly, the storage, it provides larger storage than any other ordinary laptop. Not only this they provide you a notebook computer with a thunderbolt speed.

Now if we talk about the display and the screen size, the MacBook providers tires to improvise and refurbish the screen issues in their every upcoming model. Not just this they try to provide you a laptop that must have a clear, eye-sensitive display allowing you to have smarter and safer working. The battery that has been made a part of this tech has a greater half-life than any other customary laptop. This battery has a high capacity and allows you to work for a longer period of time with more efficiency. You don’t need to charge your battery for the whole day, this gives it a plus point too.

But people encounter some problems while using it. These issues are either self-generated by the user or may be due to some technical faults. Some of the most common issues that the users encounter are, it stops working when some kind of liquid spilled over it, the file disappeared from the external hard drive of MacBook, RAM issues, thermal sensor issues, faulty logic board or motherboard issues, etc. but let\’s just discuss the most important issue that is associated with the external hard drive.

What is the hard drive?

Before discussing the issues related to hard drives, first, we must have an idea about the hard drive. A hard disk drive or simply a hard drive is a part of the computer system which assists it in storing data. It is generally nonvolatile and is made up of wire covering, compacted inside an air-sealed casing. Hard drives are generally secure inside a computer system connected with a motherboard. But there are generally two basic types of hard drives. Internal hard drives that are connected with the operating system of any computer and an external portable hard drive that can be attached with the computer system either by the assistance of wires or through a wireless connection.


External hard drives serve as a medium for extra storage. They are mobile and are so design that can aid in increasing storage. These hard drives come with different capacities, which assist you in transferring colossal and monumental files from one computer to another. Or it can be useful in storing massive data that have to increase your MacBook or computer storage, and when you need such file you can easily access them by connecting your external hard drive by USB connections or through wireless sources.

While enjoying the massive fruits of such hard disk drives, you can encounter some problems too. These issues are generally related to the loss of data through a hard drive when you connect your MacBook to such devices. Consider that you open your hard drive and all your important files have disappeared or your entire hard drive is empty which is even worse. Such issues arise due to several reasons let\’s just discuss them comprehensively.

Files disappeared from external hard drive Mac:

When you encounter such situations, don’t panic as you are not the only one going through such problems. Millions of users are using an external hard drive with their Mac and many of them encounter such issues too. Remember that Mac and your external hard drives are machines, and when we consider them machines they can have problems like that of other electrical devices.

There are multiple reasons due to which such problems can arise. And we all know the fact very well that when there is a problem there must be a solution to that issue too. First, let’s just discuss some of the reasons that why the file disappeared from your external hard drive.

  1. 1. Accidental deletion: when you are using a MacBook, which is connected with your external hard drive, you might be transferring data into that device or restoring it. You don’t notice the fact that while doing such work, multiple dialogue box pop-ups indicating you that you might delete some of your data, but you ignore such notifications which leads to the loss of your data.
  2. System hides the file or the folder: in some cases, your Mac operating system hides files, and it does not show on your external hard drive. This might be due to the reason that it can be accidentally hidden by your MacOS to separate the confidentialities from ordinary data. This is due to the default settings of your Mac.
  3. Not justified file position: sometimes, when you store or restore your data in your Mac to save it later to your external hard drive, you do not justify its position. The data or a file gets stored anywhere in your Mac and it is unable to display on your hard drive if it goes in the sensitive file option.
  4. 4. Corrupted file system: Another issue arises due to which file doesn’t appear in your external hard drive, may be due to system error. There might be several corrupted files that have infected your MacBook and have disturbed other files or data as well.
  5. Disk drive issues: this issue is related to the new MacOS along with Mac apple silicon M1. The disk driver of these devices may not work efficiently. This result in the disappearing of data or the information will not appear on your external hard drives.
  6. 6. Attack of virus: this is one of the most common reasons for loss of data or disappearance of information from the external hard drive. When you download a file from an external source may be from that of the internet source. If this is a kind of infected file and is not scanned before downloading it may affect your MacBook as well. This computer infection may also affect your hard drive too. Due to the viral attack file may be deleted, encrypted, or hides either on your Mac or your external drive as well.

How to access files on an external hard drive on your Mac:

If you are the one going through such issues or you are facing difficulty in accessing files on the external hard drive, you don’t need to panic or get stressed out. There are several solutions by which you can access files in your external hard drive and will be able to enjoy all the fruitful pros and advantages of your external hard drive. By following these solutions, you will be able to make your MacBook work more efficiently and you will also have as a few complaints as possible.

Some of the major solutions are discussed as under:


  1. Check your MacBook trash: if you have accidentally deleted your important file or data, the first step you should take is to check out your Mac trash. This is the first hope for the user. According to the MacBook policies when you delete a file or data it is not permanently deleted rather it is placed in the Mac trash. By checking your Mac trash if you find such accidentally deleted files you will be able to restore them and safe your important information and data.
  2. Check that your external hard drive is mounted correctly: you can only access files through your external hard drive if it is mounted correctly in the disk utility, only then you will be able to see or access that data on your Mac. So, if you are not able to see files on your external hard drive, the first step you should take is to check whether the hard drive is showing up in the disk utility or not.
  3. Show the files hidden by the operating system to your external hard drive: if the Mac Operating system has to hide your file and you cannot find it in the Mac trash as well then it must be in the sensitive file option. You can access them by showing them on to your MacBook. For such instances, there are two options by which you can see hidden files.

Option# 01: by using keyboard shortcut keys.

by using keyboard

For that purpose, you need to follow some steps:

  • Go to the finder of MacOS and starts navigating where you think the hidden files can be present.
  • After that press command + shift + period for instant toggling to see the hidden files.

 Option#02: by running command lines:

  • Open up the terminal application from the launch pad.
  • Copy and paste a specific finding command to the terminal window and then press enter key.

By following such actions, you will be able to read and access the hidden files efficiently.

  1. Have a disk driver for the external hard drive: In most of the cases, its external hard drives do not work because of the absence or the older version of the hard disk drivers. So, to tackle these issues download or update your hard disk driver, by which you can easily access the file and the data which was firstly disappeared and can now appear on your mac external hard disk drive.

Including the above solutions to access the disappeared file on your Mac external hard drive, there are several other alternative ways as well which will assist in the encryption of your hidden files too.

Recovering the disappeared data from the external hard drive Mac:

Do you have tried many alternate ways to access the disappeared data but none of them works? Or you have lost your data while reformatting your Mac external hard drive? You don’t need to worry about that! Professional Mac data recovery software like that of iboysoft data recovery software for Mac etc., have designed some tools to tackle such handy issues. These tools can recover or support files including images, documents, video, and audio-based data. These reliable tools help in the quick scanning and recovery of your lost data.

Final verdict:

If you have lost your data or some files might have disappeared on your external hard drive mac, you don’t need to be stressed out as in this article we have mentioned some of the basic problems that give rise to the loss of data and information. Not just this we have also discussed the ways you can access through the hidden file or you can recover your lost data as well.

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