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Apple inc. a very well-known technology brand, that urges to provide the best whether it is a smartphone, iPad, MacBook, or pc. Apple never fails to surprise its users when we talk about advanced technology. They aid us in providing the best upgradable devices. These devices are based upon the recent technology attributes and fulfill all the requirements and demands of the users.

Apple is considered one of the most trusted brands when we talk about advanced technological devices. according to a survey, apple products are the most demanded products in the whole world. People urged to have a refurbished electrical device that provides speed, durability, and long life altogether. And apple provides all such attributes at a single stage. We have covered best information about how to curve text in pages, just keep reading the article.

Apple inc. provides some built-in applications and processors in their devices that will help you in many different ways. These applications are pre-installed with an aim to provide you assistance in many distinguishable ways. Like, if we discuss the pre-installed application like calculator, clock, FaceTime, calendar dictionary, fond book, and many other different apps. These applications are intended to help you in basic ways while having all the latest attributes.

With reliability, pace, and resilience apple also provides some built-in processors like that of pages, which is a built-in word processor found in either of your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or PC. The word processor pages are similar to that of Microsoft word, adobe acrobat, google docs, a writer etc.

The main of providing pages by apple to its users is that pages are not an ordinary word processor it is designed to provide you a best creative platform where you can create amazing textual and visual-textual content. It’s a stage where you can find all the latest facilities that will help you make your document look more stunning.

Who doesn’t want the best for themselves or who doesn’t like to make their documents and text look more amazing? By considering all such needs apple have launched pages which will aid you in producing attractive, mesmerizing and quality document that will easily distinguish your document than that of an ordinary one.

Pages are made to provide you best creative platform where you can design and make your document look more stunning, but before discussing the major attributes of pages let\’s just comprehensively discuss what a word processor is and what are the benefits of having a pre-installed word processor.

What is a word processor?

A word processor is a system or software that allows you to create, store and print texted documents. It is a software program that is designed with an aim to provide you a stage where you can work efficiently. The word processor gives you a creative platform to present your texted document in a more attractive, aligned, and charismatic manner. The texted document may be in the form of simple text file (.txt), rich text file (.rtf), HTML file (.htm) etc.


Mostly individuals are unable to differentiate between a word processor and a text editor. They both are separate platforms that serve users differently. A word processor is a vast application where a text editor like that of notepad only allows producing plain text and simple editing. This difference is key that you should keep in mind while you are preparing a document. Don’t let anyone fool you with the fact that word processors and text editors are the same.

There are several facilities that a word processor provides us, let\’s just discuss them accordingly.

Features of a word processor:

Some basic attributes of a word processor are,

  1. Text formatting: this feature allows you to have multiple font styles for your text document, not just that it allows you to have different font sizes as well, making your document look more enchanting than ordinary.
  2. Inserting multimedia: by this attribute, you can add multimedia like clips, images videos, etc.
  3. Spelling and grammar: there is an automatic spelling and grammar corrector that saves your time and helps you to manage your data according to the correct English grammar.
  4. Find and search: This option allows you to find a specific word and replace it with another specific word if you want to. This saves your energy and will untimely saves your time too.
  5. Thesaurus: thesaurus contains a pool of synonyms aiding you to make a representable document.
  6. Layout adjustment: this option helps you to adjust the margins, layout, and size of your document.
  7. Insert table: you don’t need to download another application for inserting tables in your document. Word processors allow you to insert a table within your document too.
  8. Autocorrect: the autocorrect options automatically assembles the jumbled words or the spelling into the right word or spelling.
  9. Collaborations: modern and advanced word processors allow multiple users to work on the same document at the same time.
  10. Add indentations: word processors allow you to indent numbered list, a bulleted list into your document as well. These numbered and bulleted lists have multiple looks too.

Examples of word processors:

Several word processors are designed to improve your document. The main goal of such word processors is to refurbish and improvise your ordinary document that will make it look more amazing than before. Some of the examples of word processors are:

  • AbiWord
  • Pages- Apple iWork
  • Apple TextEdit
  • Word perfect
  • Dropbox paper
  • Google docs
  • Microsoft office word
  • Microsoft works.
  • Textilus
  • Open office
  • Microsoft word pad
  • Suite-word graph
  • Soft maker free office
  • LibreOffice
  • Kingsoft-WPS office. Etc.,.

Uses of word processors:

Word processors are the most versatile software that increases the attractiveness of your document. Not just this you will experience a progressed and skillful document making too. There are some attributes due to which word processors can be used in multiple areas which are discussed as under:

  • In writing a book: you can write an entire book with the help of a word processor.
  • Formatting: you can do document formatting of the pre-existing document giving it a more modish look.
  • Journal making: this feature helps in making a digital version of your daily or weekly journal assisting you in giving your journal a more stylish digital look, which is perfectly aligned, containing different font styles which produce a modish journal than another ordinary typed one.
  • In making letters: you can make letters which are of personal, official, or confidential type. An option that is a part of a word processor known as mail merge allows you to have a letter template that automatically fills name address, and other fields of the letter too.
  • Creating memo: you can create employee memos too with the help of a word processor.
  • CVs and resume: you can create your CV and resume on the word processor. In modern word processor, there are templates already present which will assist you in making improvised resumes.


As discussed earlier that pages is the word processor of apple inc. which is pre-installed in all apple devices. it refurbishes and improvises the textual content more efficiently. We have discussed a brief introduction of pages at the start of this article. But ever thought what are the attributes that separate or distinguish pages from other word processors? Or what the special attributes of pages that are only available to apple users? If you have such questions in your mind then let\’s just discuss those features that make pages distinguishable from others:


  • Handwritten text can be converted into typed texts: with the help of an apple pencil or scribble for an iPad, you can turn your handwritten text into a typed text magically. Seems impossible to believe but yes apple has made this feature possible by which you can write textual content, entire books, or write journals and see how they turned into a magical typed text.
  • Additional multimedia: pages allow you to enter multimedia like that of other word processors, but what is special when you use pages? You can insert long period videos in your document, while in other word processors only small clips can be made a part of your document. Not only this you can run YouTube as well as Vimeo video on your pages without opening up the web browser. This is incredible as it is the most advanced attribute pages provides to you.
  • Advance templates: pages provide you advance and modish templates related to cv and resume, for reports of school and college, for weekly journals, and of research papers in which you can add or insert images too.
  • Curve text: you can now also curve text in a document as well. the additional layout options like curving text make pages distinguishable from other word processors.
  • Paragraph style: pages urges you to provide different paragraph style contain different layout options, different font style which assist you in giving your document a more fashionable look.
  • Equations: in a word processor other than pages, math equations are present but with no versatility. Pages provide you math equations with LaTeX or MathML notations. Such notations give your math equation an elegant look.
  • Impressive chart forms: when you are using pages, you will be able to experience some charismatic chart styles. These chart styles are not only specific for columnar charts but are also available for different chart types like that of donut chart, line chart, bar chart, area chart, etc.
  • Audio: you can easily access long audio files on your document by the help of pages. And now you can also record, edit, and play audio directly in your document as well.
  • Precise object editing: this option is available in the pages separately, which is intended to do fine-tuning of the images and objects in your document.
  • Dark mode: dark mode was made part of pages to give your document a more dramatic look. This dramatic look also emphasizes your content as well.
  • Presenter mode: this technique aids you in better and finer reading. When you go to the presenter mode you will be able to read your text more efficiently.

Along with the above-mentioned attributes, multiple other options allow making your document look more mesmerizing and stunning than ever before. But here we have discussed the curving and arching of text which seems impossible when you are using an ordinary word processor. But it is possible when you are adopting pages for designing your document. Come let’s discuss this attribute in detail.

How to curve text in pages?

Well, this attribute feels impossible in other word processors, as for arching or curving you need to have special applications like adobe, pic monkey, etc., that allow you to curve your textual content. But when you are an Apple user, pages provide you this opportunity without downloading such applications.

Pages provide you two ways or options by which you can align your text in a curvy manner or an arched form. These options are discussed as under:


  • Open your page document.
  • Go to insert option.
  • Select word art or word box.
  • Type each letter in a separate box.
  • Now go to the formatting option, where you can see three options named as style, text and arrange.
  • Select the arrange option.
  • In arrange option you will see a group option, click on the group option.
  • After clicking on the group option, you will see that all your text boxes have been grouped.
  • After grouping drag them into the desired position and rotate them.
  • By doing this you will be able to see your text look curved and arched within the limits you have set.


  • Open up your pages document.
  • Enter text.
  • Go to the baseline shift option.
  • Set the baseline into a curved or arched shape.

Final verdict:

In this article, we have discussed some of the basic attributes of the pages application. Curving text is the attribute of the pages that people are unaware of, or don’t have an idea of how to avail such facility,  without downloading additional applications for that purpose. Moreover, the basic aim of writing this article is to spread awareness among apple users that if you have pages you don’t need additional software for such purposes that will cost you money and time. Hope the above-mentioned article will assist you in curving your text which will give your document a more modish and attractive look.

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