How to Run Automator Workflow Automatically?

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Imagine how our lives would be if we were the only person having all the responsibilities on our shoulders. Performing multiple tasks by a single person at a time is very difficult. We always seek assistance from others in one way or the other. No one in a superman indeed! Whether how much highly qualified or skilled a person is, he needs to be assisted by others. Have you ever seen a doctor in a clinic working as a receptionist, a nurse, and a sweeper on his own? Maybe not! Various tasks are assigned to multiple persons; this is not only convenient but also increases the efficiency of the work. If a single person is burdened with all the work he would not be able to give his best. So, it is wise and indispensable to divide the work. We have compiled the best information about how to run automator workflow automatically in the article. We suggest you to carry on digging.

So far we generally discussed the importance of assistance and division of workload, but now we are going to expand our discussion specifically to the modern Computer era. This is the time of technology and inventions. The most important and successful technological invention is the Computer. It is an electronic machine which has made our lives very easy. It is fully being utilized in every field of life.

Uses of Computer in Various Fields

If we look around, there may hardly be any field left that is not enjoying the benefits of the Computer. Whether it’s a restaurant, a clinic, a school, an office, a supermarket, or even a small shop, all depend on this machine. It is used to record daily transactions, issue transcripts, design cards, pamphlets, and perform soUses-of-Computer-in-Various-Fields many other tasks. Even a man in a tailoring shop is using the computer for designing patches for dresses, a student uses it for searching and writing assignments, a pilot is being assisted by the control room using it, even a surgeon in an operation theatre benefits from it. Whether it is an advertising company or a meteorological department, a saloon or a gym, every field is enjoying its benefits. Is this all done by the operating system that comes with it? Surely, not! It needs different software applications designed for specific tasks.

What is a Software application?

It is Software made to perform specialized tasks. It also helps us to perform our tasks more efficiently and effectively in less time than if done manually. Market is full of software applications . For example, MS Office is specifically made for offices where you can record the data, process it, make graphs, charts, write minutes, agendas and create presentations. It is used to record data, make charts, graphs, and presentations and all the other work which is done in the offices. That is not only it. Its use is also very common amongst the teachers and the students. Apps are used to promote and are operated by almost every business presently.


Different apps for taxi service which helps you to call a taxi by sitting at your home and just clicking instead of going outside in extreme weather conditions which may be exhausting and time taking, food delivery, online shopping, banking are used by most people nowadays. Have you ever thought about how difficult situation it would be in this Pandemic situation if these apps were not created? In the lockdown situation when all the shops and banks would have been closed and you needed a grocery item, needed to pay the fee of your child living apart and there would be no such app how all it would have been possible? You would certainly be in a desperate situation.

Well, that was just to imagine, fortunately, we have the facility to get and do all we want by using these apps. This was all about the main software applications, but there are more which help us with our work when we are working on the computer, we would now take a glimpse on them. These are known as Automation Software tools.

What is an Automation Software?

Automation Software is a software application that saves our time and increases work efficiency at the same time. It needs less human input yet increasing product outcome efficiency. In addition, there are different types of automation software which are as follows:

Integration Automation, Process Automation, Artificial intelligence Automation, and Basic Automation.


Integration Automation- with this human instructs the machine, so it repeats the task according to the rules specified replacing human working.

Process Automation- this is specially used for managing the business activities, can give suggestions and gives solutions to the problems.

Artificial intelligence Automation- this is the most sophisticated and most useful kind of automation. It can even make decisions keeping in view the previous decisions.

Basic Automation-a kind of automation that carries out simple and primary tasks, and repeats them.

Examples of Automation Software

As we have discussed there are multiple kinds of automation software each coded for different purposes to perform different tasks. Here we are going to glimpse some of the Automation software. Smashfly, BreezyHr, Doodle, Spoke, Teem, Comfy, Robo form, Dialog, Fusion360, Fresh Desk and, Hello Sign. These are used for form filling, emailing, customer support Chat bots, designing offices, etc.


So far we have talked about the automation software which you need to install or download, but others already come installed with operating systems. We have chosen one of them which we are going to elaborate on is Automator by Apple.

What is an Automator?

This is an application that is already installed in Mac OS X when you buy it. It is used to create workflows that run automatically as specified and work systematically. It allows the task to be carried out according to the sequence provided.


This can be done by carrying out a few simple steps. It allows the human to relax, performing their repeated, boring tasks. It can work with Contacts, Finder, Safari, Adobe, Microsoft Office, and others. Now let’s check out how to create an Automator workflow to run automatically.

Effects of Automator on our work life

We cannot ignore the fact, how hardworking we may be, we can’t give our hundred percent if we are overburdened. We as humans need some kind of relaxation whatsoever in our work. This has been made possible with the introduction of Automators. They are helping people in different official or individual tasks. Some tasks are to be performed repeatedly, and it can cause frustration to us, if we have to perform the same task in the same way, it would become boring for us and we would not do it full-heartedly which will for sure affect the outcome, because it is in our nature we are attracted to change and creativity, whereas repeated work can lose our charm in it, but if you assign the task to the Automators by creating the desired workflow. The interesting thing about it is that you can customize it, set how and when it should perform. Moreover, you can also set it to run automatically, it prevents you from manually giving instructions again and again. Just set it and relax. It will do all for you.

How to Run Automator Workflow Automatically?

It is a fact that cannot be denied that there are various software applications available in the market that are utilized for various purposes. Each is made so professionally and concisely that it fulfills its task perfectly. If we were to do all the work manually, it would take much of our time and ofcourse, it would be less reliable than the one done on the computer.

No doubt these apps have lessened the work burden on our shoulders and also minimize our efforts to accomplish a certain task. But still, we cannot leave all of our work on the machines, yet we need to input the data and give instructions to them to further proceed in their operations. The specific procedure needs to be fed in these apps to do and repeat the tasks till asked to do so. For this, you may need to specify the time in which repeated operation needs to be carried out. Below we will discuss a similar issue that is how to run an Automator workflow automatically.

  • Click and open Launch App Manager
  • Once it is opened, click to add a new event
  • A window will appear, here select “Run an Automator workflow daily”
  • Click and drag your workflow in “drop your workflow here”
  • Select Automator Workflow to set schedule
  • Now click When
  • Set the time and the days you want to run it automatically
  • Click Constraints and set any if you want or move on
  • You are all set

So far we have learned how to run the Automator workflow automatically, but before that, we also need to create it. Now, let’s learn how to create an Automator workflow. You might be thinking it would be complicated, but it is not so.

You may have already known that operating computer applications is not sophisticated at all, you just need to know that method to operate them, remember them and then complete your task accordingly. Whether it is a graphic designing app, an office app, or any other app, it is very easy to use after learning its main functions. Moving back to our discussion, we will now have a look at the creation of Automator workflow as follows:

  • Click and Open Automator
  • Click on the File Menu and choose New
  • Click the workflow to create and select Application, and then double click choose
  • Now you will see a Record button on the top right corner
  • Finally, you are done and proceed with the task you want it to automate

These are just a few and simple steps which after performed, your workload would be shared and you will get your time saved. Imagine if you needed to repeat a task daily or multiple times a day, it would create a fuss for you, but if you are using Automator you can benefit from it.Ain’t it worth using?!

Final Conclusion:

You might be thinking now, how much Computer technology has been progressed and day by day, making each task we do easier. Whether it is directly working on the Computer or using machines working with a Computerized system, each and everything associated has become more advanced and convenient to use.

Not going far, many people are now using automatic washing machines, dishwashers, robot vacuums, these are used in the houses to carry on the daily household chores at the ease of their automatic features. Just press a few buttons, set the tasks, and carry on with your other work, the scheduled task would be completed automatically. More concisely, if we talk about directly using the Computer, this too has simplified our tasks.

There is a lot of assistant software which assists us to perform different tasks. Commonly, if we take a writing task, we can easily bring professionalism to it by using Grammarly. It helps to detect the mistakes you have done and gives suggestions to overcome them. There are certainly other applications that work as your virtual assistant. They help in different management tasks, such as selecting the candidates, answering the calls, sending e-mails, and so on. As we know Macbook by Apple has the most advanced computing and operating system. Till now launched in six generations. Each of its models comes with a new and more salient feature. Here we are going to point out Mac OS X.

This when came into the market had an Automator installed in its Operating system. As we already know Automator is used to creating workflow as desired and run according to the instructions and schedule set by us. You just need to follow a few simple steps to create a workflow, and more interestingly you can still gain more benefits from it, by instructing the Automator to run workflow automatically, would for sure give you a break from the monotonous routine of repeating the tasks!

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