How to Switch between Mac and Windows Bootcamp without restarting?

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Do you know that the major invention of the 19th century is an electronic device, commonly known as “ the Computer”, that has digitized the world up to a large extent? It has brought a major revolution around the globe. I can’t think of any field which is not enjoying the benefits of its usage. Isn’t it amazing, how a small processing unit embraces efficient operations in itself?

In the beginning, with its introduction to the world, would have one thought about how big change it would bring to the world in the future? Probably not!  Even Charles Babbage who found it would not have known, but with time its technology has been becoming smarter and more sophisticated. No one knew that the computer which was as big that it covered the entire room would get confined that it would be able to fit our laps. We have compiled the best information about how to switch between Mac and Windows bootcamp without restarting in the article. We suggest you to continue your research.

Earlier it had different components that made a computer set complete. It is known as the Desktop Computer, with separate Monitor, CPU, Keyboard and, Mouse. You needed a separate keyboard to input the data, a mouse to scroll and move around the screen, a separate monitor to visualize your work, and a separate processing unit, but with the advent of the laptop, all the components are integrated into a single unit.

These are lighter in weight, and easily portable, with a plus of a battery which can be charged and used anywhere you want as you don’t need to plug in the switch the whole time. In addition to it, it even looks more elegant! In the late 90’s the first laptop was made which had a screen of only 5” long. It was a great product as all the components were included in a single unit, and its cost was around $1800.It was pretty expensive at that time, as this amount was not a little one at that time.

As time passed, and the new models released to the market, their price started decreasing, but still, the laptop is not cheaply available as the desktop computer, still it is difficult to buy for the people of the middle and lower-middle class.

So, as stated there are different models and types of laptops available in the market today, having distinct features. These are named Tablet, Notebook, Ultrabook, Chromebook, Ultra Portable, Convertible 2 in 1, and so on.

Let’s have a look at the types and categories of laptops in a bit more detail. These are divided into three main categories.

Main Categories of the Laptop:

These are mainly divided into three categories;

  • Ultrabook
  • Netbook
  • Tablets


Ultrabook – these are slim, and weigh more than 3 pounds with a display screen around 15”. These have processors with consumption of low power, with graphics integrated. These have a good battery life, and a considerable memory storage capacity. Some of the best ultrabooks available currently in the market are;

Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Yoga, Acer Swift, and Macbook Air.

Netbook- these are not very expensive, small-sized, with a small keyboard and less powerful processors than the other kinds of laptops and are light-weighted, with a screen of 10” or smaller, used basically to use the internet and send and receive emails. It is available in different models, ASUS Eee PC, Toshiba NB-305, 7” Mini Windows netbook and, so on.

Tablets- are portable personal computers, having a touchscreen, and are smaller in size and less in weight than the other Laptops. Ther are smaller than the laptops but bigger than the mobile phones.

Some tablets do not have many features and are less costly as compared to others. Tablets have different operating systems. Some have ios Apple, Android, Windows Microsoft, and blackberry.Ipad, Windows tablet, Toshiba Canvio are a few of the tablets available today. Further, we are going to discuss that what are the operating systems and what are their uses.

Operating System:

Do you know that the computer is divided into hardware and software? Both of them make up a computer working. If there is a failure in any of these, it would not function properly. Precisely discussing, hardware is the material part of the computer which you can touch, its body, its motherboard, keyboard, mouse, etc. whereas the software is the programming, the coded instructions which are given to the processor the perform a certain task. Without computer software you would not be able to perform any function on it, it would merely be like a body with no soul in it.


So, the software is vital for the processing of the Computer. It is several software applications available for many purposes, to record and process data, design graphics, animate, watch movies, online shopping as so on. There are many which I can’t mention here, but the most and vital software without which the computer wouldn’t work is its operating system.

What is an Operating System? It is not a simple software application, but it is a software program that manages all the integration of the resources of the computer, its hardware, software and provides services to the Computer Programs.

Different Operating Systems:

As there are different computers available in the market so are the operating systems. The Companies along with unique products have also introduced specific operating systems for their make. They have made their product compatible with the operating system with salient features to makes it utilize up to optimum.

Some well-known operating systems used by the top Computers are; Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, Android, and Apple’s IOS.


Microsoft Windows– A graphical user interface operating system available since 1985,  introduced by Microsoft compatible with many processors.

Linux- it is an open-source operating system that means it is just not confined to the computers but provides support to the hardware device to the different ranges of the product whether a computer a phone or a car.

Apple macOS- It is an operating system introduced in 2001 by Apple, and it comes preinstalled with the Apple Macintosh Computers that enable you to do all the daily tasks on the computer.

Android- It is an operating system specially made for touchscreen mobile phones, commonly known as smartphones and also tablets. This is one of the most widely used operating systems as a large number of people are now using the android operated mobile phones.

Apple’s IOS- This is an operating system specifically made by Apple incorporation compatible with its wide range of products such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Apple t.v., mac mini, Ibook, etc.

So, these were the main operating systems and the devices with which they are used. As we already know different products have unique operating systems but there is a system called the “Bootcamp” that is installed in Apple’s Macintosh Operating system, that is utilized as a multiboot system in the intel based macintosh computers enabling to switch the macOS to Microsoft Windows. Not all operating systems can be installed on a single computer, but Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS are exemptions to it. Now, we are going to learn the procedure of switching to another operating system on Mac.

Bootcamp is a utility software, also known as assistant Bootcamp which is preinstalled in MacOS, it allows you to install windows on Mac. It is used to create a partition of windows and switch to it from mac and vice versa. There are two ways from which you can switch from mac to windows Bootcamp, as stated below.

How to Switch between Mac and Windows Bootcamp without restarting?

As we already know you can switch to the other operating system in two ways. Firstly, we will discuss how to switch from Mac to Windows Bootcamp without restarting, have a look;

  • Move to the blank white boot screen, by holding down the Option key(two available on each side of the space bar) during Start-Up.
  • Within a few seconds, you will be able to see two partitions on the screen, which have been created by Bootcamp.
  • Select the desired operating system you want to switch to, in this case, it is Windows, use the arrow key to chose and then press enter.
  • It will now boot to Windows.

This was the first method, the second method is to switch with a restarting option;

You can do so easily by opening up the system preferences, and using the startup disk utility option. When the startup disk window appears simply choose windows bootcamp among the two options available and click on restart. You will end up it restarting into Windows.

Advantages of having Dual Operating Systems:

One might think why have two operating systems when you can use a computer with a single operating system. A few years back, only a single operating system was mostly used, but now some computers are made for using dual operating systems. It means you can easily switch between the two within less time. What was it need? As we know each system has its special features, so each operating system is made so. One might be good in processing an application more than the other and so in the other case. So, it is a good option to keep both, if you are using software that works best in windows, switch to it, and if another task is performed best in macOS, switch to it.


Final Conclusion:

By now it is made clear to us, as there are different kinds of computers, each having own specialty and utility, so are the different software applications and the Software Operating Systems. Imagine using the medicine for all the illnesses, will it work? Surely not! Each medicine is made for different purposes, so is the case with computers and their software.

You cannot use android on the computers along with the mobile phones, and simply a Microsoft window program for the computers and the mobiles.

There are different types of computers, such as desktops and laptops, further categorizing the laptop it is again subdivided into three main categories, which are Ultrabook, Netbook, and Tablets. Again they have more specific products which are available in a large number of different models in the Computer industry.

As the different kinds of computers, we have different operating systems as well. Mainly these are Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, Apple macOS, and Apple IOS. Each made different computer brands for their product. These make their products processing best as they are made accordingly.

Each product has its operating system but there are some which can work at their best using more than one software programming system.

Some smartphones too have dual operating systems, such as the Android operating system and Firefox Operating system. Coming back to the Computers, having a dual operating system can make your work faster and better, as each system is able to work perfectly with some applications as compared to the other. So, if you have a single one, it will certainly affect the proficiency of your work.

If a computer just has a single operating system but needs the other one too, would it be feasible to work on different computers with the OS you need at the same time? Certainly, it does not seem practical.

For this purpose, some computers are designed so to cater to the needs of such individuals, by providing option to switch among different operating systems as and when desired. Now, how this can be done is a question too, but after reading this article you may have got the answer to this. As we know there are a few steps involved in fulfilling this task and are different ways to do so.

We discussed two methods of switching to the other operating system, one required restarting to complete its process and the other was accomplished without it. The method which requires restarting may acquire more time as compared to the other. Sometimes, we need to complete our work in urgency for that purpose we may choose the other option but you are free to select the one more convenient for you!

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