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Computer, the machine that has revolutionized the entire history of technology. This device has achieved a milestone in the technological field and is a precursor of many advanced electrical gadgets. The term computer refers to a system or an electronic device that operates or manipulates data or information based on the binary system.

The computer has the ability to store, salvage, and process data or information. The computer has transfigured the whole human life and is the main aspect of the advancement of modern-day life. Today, we cannot imagine our lives without it. The computer is a great part of our daily life in many forms like that of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

The computer is a basic element for many daily routines. It assists us in almost every work, either we are at work or the hospital, home, school, restaurants, shopping stations, and many other places, computer is playing a great role at each of these places. computers aid us in typing long documents, sending email, playing games, internet browsing and watching movies, etc., not only this you can perform several other tasks easily with pace and momentum with the help of a computer. This signifies how important this device is in today’s world. We have compiled the best information about KVM vs Virtual box in the article. Just have a close look.

Now, the computer basically operates with the assistance of hardware and software. Hardware is a part of the computer that has a physical structure and you can feel the sensation of touching. Hardware includes all the externally visible parts of the computer like monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, and the internal part of the computer and CPU as well that includes, hard disk, floppy disk, disk drivers, RAM, ROM, and the motherboard of the CPU. Whereas, the software is a set of instructions that guides the hardware on how to work.

The software tells the system what to do and how to do it. Example of software are processors, browsers, and the operating system which is the system software, etc., every task you perform on the computer relies upon both hardware and software like you are viewing this article with the help of the monitor screen which is hardware by the assistance of a web browser which is software. Both the systems operate parallel to each other with the help of the operating system.

An operating system is a system software that connects the hardware and the software to perform several works. It manages how the software communicates with the hardware to access data and information. By this management, your computer works efficiently as a single entity. There are several computers designed from the early era, that operates separately. These computers have a separate operating system that allows the distinguishability of such a system. Some of the operating systems are Microsoft windows. Apple macOS, Linux, googles Android OS and Apple iOS, etc. these operating systems specifies a computer and make it special among the set of computers. These operating systems are present solely in computers.

But imagine having multiple operating systems in your computer or device that allows you to enjoy the fruits of other types of operating systems too? Is that possible to have such an attribute? The answer is YES! But how can we have such a facility? This all can be done by the presence of a virtual machine. But what is a virtual machine? Come let’s discuss it in detail.

Virtual machine:

A virtual machine is an isolated software that allows running an operating system within a device with the corporation of the already present operating system. A virtual machine allows two different or of the same kind of operating system to communicate and coordinate with each other within a single computer. Virtualization of a computer system is possible due to the presence of a virtual machine. You can run an entire computer system which you always desire, within your device.


This means you can operate two operating systems in your device at the same time. a virtual machine is a sole environment that runs its operating system and its application independently. The virtual machine operating system is termed as the guest OS and the device owner’s Operating system is termed as host OS.

All computers can handle serval virtual machines, all running different operating systems and applications. This virtual machine works independently but is also dependent upon the host’s OS physical resources. The device manages these resources among the different OS and allows different environments to work with coordination simultaneously.

The virtual machine works independently of that of the host operating system. Downloading of applications and the up-gradation of the guest operating system does not disturb the host OS. Resources like that of CPU (central processing unit), storage, memory, and other hardware devices are evenly disturbed between the two operating systems.

Why set up a virtual device:

Here is the list of facts that will signify why you need to add a virtual machine to your computer,


  • Availability of single server: by the help of a virtual machine, you can easily use multiple operating systems in your computer over a single server. This helps in saving capital saving as the resources will only utilize a single server. Moreover, it reduces the chance of web jamming, which saves time and decreases workloads.
  • Business development: agencies and organizations can develop multiple businesses on their desired operating system with the assistance of a Virtual machine. This saves money, as you don’t need to buy multiple devices for the functioning of the different operating systems, you can simply do that on your existing computer.
  • Additional security: one of the most successful attributes of the virtual machine is that it provides an additional layer of security, which will assist you in smart and safer working.
  • Easy to use: it is very easy to operate the virtual machine, you can handle multiple operating systems in a single device that will also assist you in decreasing workload and help you in experience finer working.

Advantages of a virtual machine:


  • Limits costs: virtual machine helps you to limit your device costs and expenses. It also reduces the need for physical resources like hardware systems. It reduces the number of servers that are being used, ultimately resulting in better savings of expenses.
  • Security issues: as virtual machines operate on a single server and in single devices, it reduces the chances of security issues too.
  • Management with ease: management of multiple devices is hard, and can cost your time as well, whereas, when you consider a virtual machine, it helps you in better and finer management of a different operating system that is based on a single device. This attribute saves your time and decreases your workload as well.
  • Extra security provider: virtual machine works as an isolated environment that provides a user an extra safe environment than any other system. it assists the users in developing a safer environment and also aid in experiencing finer functioning.

The above-mentioned attributes clearly signify the importance of a virtual machine. But how can you use a virtual machine on your device? You can do that with the assistance of a hypervisor. But what is a hypervisor? Let’s just discuss it in detail


A hypervisor is a software system that allows a virtual machine to run on your device. The hypervisor virtualizes the computer\’s external resources like that of CPU, hard drives, hard disk, memory, storage, and network resources to allocate a pool of resources for the virtual machine to work according to its requirement. The main attribute of a hypervisor is that it can support multiple virtual hardware, that allows different operating systems either of the same or of a different kind, to run efficiently on a single device.


A hypervisor manages the resources between different operating systems. it also adjusts and reschedule the hardware resources and allocate them as well. there are basically two types of hypervisors:

Type-I: It is also known as a bare-metal hypervisor. This hypervisor runs directly on the host device and has direct access to the host hardware resources. Type-I is more efficient and better-performing than type II as it typically runs on the computer server. Type-I is well suited to a server. Examples of type-I hypervisors are VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.

Type-II: This type of hypervisor is pre-installed in the device like that of Linux, which manages the external resources for both virtual machines and the device operating system. this hypervisor is basically important for those, who want an isolated environment for designing a particular application. Examples of type-II hypervisors are VMware workstations and oracle virtual box.


KVM stands for the kernel-based virtual machine. It is a kind of open-source virtualization center that is pre-installed in Linux. KVM allows Linux to acts as a hypervisor and allows it to run multiple operating systems and design several applications.

KVM turns the Linux devices into to bare-metal hypervisor that is a Type-I hypervisor, to work efficiently and allows users to experience finer working. Further, it also equity resources between the the guest OS and host OS. It is equipped with all the essentialities that a hypervisor must contain i.e., memory manager, input and output tack, memory scheduler, disk drivers, security manager, and network stack, etc.


Oracle VM VirtualBox is a virtualization platform that runs multiple operating systems at different levels. It can be easily used at home or can easily set up at professional levels too. It is open-source software that has several attributes. It is free software that also reduces users expenses. Not just this it is faster than any other virtual machine hypervisor and can run multiple operating systems in any computer-like in windows, Linux, Macintosh, IOS, etc., VirtualBox can run multiple operating systems in a single device and is very easy to use.

KVM vs VirtualBox:

KVM and Oracle VM VirtualBox are the two most commonly used virtual machine hypervisors. But let us just compare them accordingly,

KVM is built-in Linux devices, whereas VirtualBox is free software that you can download easily. KVM allows computer servers to run efficiently whereas, VirtualBox allows stability like no other hypervisor. KVM provides better and finer scaling and the VirtualBox allows sever flexibility.

KVM has all the attributes of the command line whereas VirtualBox has an attribute of copying bidirectionally. KVM is an open-source hypervisor and the VirtualBox allows better stability in a different isolated environment. KVM is the best option for small businesses as according to a review survey 58% of individuals voted in favor Of KVM which was associated with small businesses.

They told that KVM is very helpful as it helps them in better designing of applications than any other hypervisor. Through KVM they can design multiple applications and can run multiple operating systems in a single device that allows them to save their expenses and out costs. Similarly in a midsize enterprises survey people selected VirtualBox. About 32% of the entrepreneurs voted in the favor of VirtualBox as according to them, VirtualBox is a great platform where they can run their businesses either small or big very efficiently.

Moreover, they pointed out the fact that VirtualBox assists them in better and finer server stability, this saves their time and workloads too. The sample customers of KVM are Wikipedia, MediaWiki, Wikimedia foundation, Wikivoyage, wiki data, Wikiversity and commons, etc., whereas the sample customers of the Oracle VM VirtualBox are airbus, Colorado state university, SCS Africa, and wolf medical systems.

When we talk about the world ranking of the server virtualization software the KVM ranks 3rd among the global virtual machine. It got a rating of 7.9 which clearly signifies that how crucial is KVM and is most favored among the users. Now the VirtualBox, the rank of the VirtualBox among the world server virtualization software is 5th. It got a rating of 7.8, this clearly highlights that VirtualBox is also a favored hypervisor that allows users to work with more potential and easement.

Final verdict:

KVM and VirtualBox, both are significant in the world of technology as they are the best service provider and ranks top in the world ranking. The concept of a virtual machine is spreading each day and people are coming more towards hypervisor usage and are adopting this service for their professional use as well. In this article we have compared two best virtualization providers that will assist you in experiencing finer functioning.


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