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Importance of backing up the data:

Have you ever confronted with a situation of losing an important file, or a photo, or an assignment that was still to be submitted? Certainly, we have spent our precious time doing so, and therefore, important for us. We go on to record data if it is important and needed in the future, if it wasn’t we would pay no heed in spending our time on it, so we never want to lose it. In the earlier days when there were no computers, people used to keep their handwritten data as hard copies, sometimes when they wanted to retrieve those back, they would not be able to as they didn’t remember where they were placed, or a younger one at home has torn and thrown it away, or sometimes the water was spilled on the papers, and all used to vanish in a go.


In the offices, data was recorded manually too but kept in files and folders systematically, and was easy to retrieve, but sometimes, due to certain accidents they might lose it and there was no backup available to get those back. We have compiled the best information about disk warrior alternative in the article. We suggest you to carry on exploring.

As the computers came into people’s use, the data started to be recorded digitally, fast, and with more accuracy. With the aid of Computers, you became able to save your data whether a document, a video, a photo, or an audio file easily on your computer. It has made available various backup options. You could now save them in multiple drives in the computer or even in a separate hardware storage device such as floppy disk or CD Rom or a flash drive, in the case you lose the data due to an unusual incident, corrupt operating system, a virus attack, or a hardware failure, youcan get them back as already saved in different location or device.

Different ways to Back- up the Data:

We need to back up the data so that we may not lose it accidentally. It is a procedure of saving your important files into an external storage device, internal drive, or network. Therefore, whenever you lose the data, you may retrieve it back through these means. There are multiple ways to do so;


Floppy disks-these are made of plastic covered with iron oxide which uses magnetic technology to store the data. It is an external storage device that was used to save the data in it, you can store, erase data from it multiple times, hence reuse it many times. It is a low-cost and affordable method of storing data.

CD-ROM,DVD– CD-ROM is a compact disk- read-only memory, mostly used to store multimedia files and DVD- digital versatile disk are more enhanced than the CD-ROMS and can store more data than these, so both of these are used to store the data in it whether files, photos, videos, or audio files, that may be accessed whenever required.

USB Flash drive – it is a very small and easy to carry, pocket-friendly flash memory using a device that can store and transfer the data. For instance, You may easily save your data and carry it anywhere you want and can get access to the data by attaching it to any other computer. It is the most convenient and fast method to store and transfer your data.

NAS – Network Storage device is one, which can store large size of data in it. It is a hardware device directly connected to a network allowing multiple computers to get access to the data at the same time or as when required. This is very useful as the risk of losing data is very less as compared to the other storage devices.

Remote Storage Services- are those which allow you to save your data to another location, such as Cloud Storage and FTP servers, and get access to them from anywhere by connecting to the internet. These are vital in case of any natural calamity or an accident you have ended up with a damaged computer, and as result lost all of the data saved in your computer, but you can recover it through the remote storage services by logging in to your account from any device.

These were some means of storing the data to the different devices and recover in the case you lose it on your computer, but now we are going to throw light on backing up the data on the mac and recovering it.

Backing-up data in Mac:

Mac is a laptop computer, introduced by Apple with Macintosh operating system, available in different models today. These are made using the most advanced computer technology, are expensive but are worth spending money on it. Mostly, it is the first choice of professionals due to its high-featured operating system, excellent resolution display, and large memory storing capacity.


Mac is used both for office work and for use at home. You can use them for programming, recording data, watching movies, writing down your assignment, or any other task which you can do on the computer.

As you store, different files on your computer, you certainly don’t want to lose them, for this a proper back-up and files recovery system should be kept into consideration.

How to Back-up data in Mac:

You can backup data in your mac with the pre-installed Time-machine, flash drive, CD-ROM/DVD, backup software, and Cloud Storage, FTP Servers

So far we have focused on minimizing the risk of losing our data by backing it up, now we are going to concentrate on how to recover and repair the files on our hard disk.

Recovery and repair of Computer Disks:

It is a wise decision to backup your files and folders in case of loss which can be done by using different means, this is what you should be doing regularly, simultaneously, your computer should be programmed as such it automatically recovers your files. There are different software available for this purpose that not only recover but repair any corrupt files in your disk, one of them is Disk Warrior.

What is a Disk Warrior?

As its name suggests, it is a software program designed to fight against the problems which can create issues in your disk, that is corrupt files or folders in the disk of your mac. It does it so, by repairing it, and recovers data for you in whichever form it is saved whether a video, audio, photo, or document. It will recover all for you!

It does its work so efficiently which other programs are not able to. It also enables you to check the data which you have missed from the list of the recovered ones. Adding to this, it makes sure the proper functioning of the driver too. This is a very useful program but had limitations too. It doesn’t work with macOS High Sierra, an operating system introduced by Apple, so disk warrior is not able to be used by all mac users, therefore we need to look for the best disk warrior alternatives for this purpose.

Disk Warrior Alternatives:

Disk warrior is a very useful software program but unfortunately, doesn’t work with some new Macintosh operating systems, considering this we need to have a look at the best alternatives to disk warriors. There are many such programs available in the market at the present.

Recover JPEGCompatible with Linux and Mach, is used to recover data, specifically JPEG photos.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery- made for the mac users to scan and locate the lost data.

Get Data Back-may to be used by the Windows users to data loss due to damage in the boot record, root directory, or partition table of the hard drive.

R-Studio- This program can be beneficial to mac, Linux, and Windows users, to revert the deleted files and the lost data.

Recuva-it is used by Windows users to recover the lost files from different multimedia devices.

Disk Drill- helps you to recover deleted files and protect them from loss.

Best Disk Warrior Alternative:

We have many choices around us, in whatever situation, but all are not best for us, we need to choose among them appropriately to meet our needs, so is the case here. We have got to know different software programs that may be used as an alternate to the disk warrior but we need to select the best among those according to fulfill our requirement.

Disk Drill is so far the best option to replace the disk warrior. Firstly, it can be used both by Mac and Windows users, as compared to the Disk Warrior only made for mac operating system. Secondly, it can be downloaded free up to some extent, perfect for the individuals, but is needed by the professionals paid package is available. Thirdly, it is easy to install and use, performs the scan and locates and recovers the lost files for you. You can also specifically scan the lost files and data by their format, size, or date. In addition, it is the best alternative to disk warrior as it has the additional feature of preventing the data from being lost along with their recovery as this software is programmed with the background services to prevent the loss of data named as Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery.


Final Conclusion:

We don’t want to lose anything important to us, for this make sure they are kept safe, away from any threats which may cause their loss. There are many ways in which we can be deprived of the belongings important to us. Natural calamities, in the form of floods, earthquakes, accidental fires, or theft attempts may leave us with unwanted loss.

Similarly, every file whether a document, a photo, a video, or an audio file which we store in our computers is important to us which we may lose in different situations, might be due to a fire, driver failure, virus, and so on. To prevent confronting up this situation, we should plan a proper backup of all our file folders. As we have discussed there are different devices and engines to do so. You may backup your data using a floppy disk, a CD-ROM, a DVD, different hard disk, Remote storage services such as Cloud storage, or by availing the facility of NAS(network storage device). The last two are more reliable as the files in them are secured in different computers and locations, can be retrieved also without using the computer from which the files were backed up originally.

This is purely a measure to prevent the loss of your data, but what to do if it has already happened. For this, you need a software program that recovers and repairs files for you. We talked about disk warrior, a program especially made for mac users to recover and repair the data, but it fails to be used by the users of other operating systems, even it doesn’t work with some other apple’s operating system.

So, there was a need to find an alternate. We listed above different software which is made for the recovery purpose, but some are not compatible with multiple operating systems and some had limitations, therefore, we found out the best among those was Disk drill, as it can be used by users of multiple operating systems, is free up to an extent, easy to install, simple to use, yet more efficient as you can specify the scanning process and customize the data scan according to size, date, format, etc. which makes the process quicker to reach to the desired lost files and recover them, it not only recovers but has solid additional features such as Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery which provide background services, all the time backing up your data, hence preventing it from any loss.

By now, you have learned the ways to back up your data and also recover it in the case of any accidental loss,  so gear up and take the proper measures to store your data more safely and securely!


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