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If we see in a past epoch the human life was very problematic, the human had to work hard to earn their living and to fulfill their basic desires. They have to travel from one place to another place for their trading and business, which took many days and months. At that time business was not so laid-back as it\’s now. So, the question is that what is the thing which makes the biggest modification that has revolutionized human living? The basic revolution or modification is due to the development and advancement of technology, and the most successful electrical gadget that has achieved a milestone in the history of technology is the device named computer. The computer is an electronic device which receives data and process that data into typical binary language and gives result. We have compiled the best information about KMyMoney VS GnuCash in the article. Just carry on reading.

The computer was invented in 1882 by “Charles Babbage” and was titled the father of the computer. The first computer was based on the function of the abacus. The persistence of the formation of the abacus is to calculate the number. Abacus consists of beats and placing and stirring these beats in mathematical order was done for calculations. And the first-ever computer system was also operated to calculate two-digit numbers. It was the first step towards technology.

After the invention of the primitive computer, humans work extensively on the development of the advanced computer, and subsequently, they developed the first digital computer named “ENIAC”. ENIAC was designed in 1943 by “Presper Eckert, JR, john William Mauchly and their associates at Moore school of engineering. The purpose of the creation of ENIAC is to help the American army in World War 2. The ENIAC had high voltage powers it can calculate the speed of armors, the tendency of thermonuclear bombs, and the inclination of hydrogen bombs.

Later the humans fabricate different computer for different tenacities but they were to perform a single task and was a single-user computer, and does not use for different operations. They were also huge in sizes and to carry them was not a piece of cake. Then the Engineer’s exerted to work on a computer that can perform multiple tasks in a single time and is light-weighted. After extensive hard work and dedication, humans developed the first multitasking computer and carriable which is termed as “microcomputer”. The microcomputer is the most modish computer of that time because it can be used in different organizations for different operations.

In the present era technology and computers have become an essential part of our life we cannot imagine our lives without computers. Computers make our work easier billions of operations and calculations can be done in just a few seconds

If we talk about the use of computers in the business field, the computer plays a vital role in the business sector. If we want to spread business worldwide, we want computers for that purpose. Because it assists us in multiple ways like we can communicate with the whole world within no time, by the fruitful attributes of internet. The most important thing in a business is to handle accounts because all the businesses in this world are running through the exchange of money whether they are selling their products or dealing with some other goods.

Before the development of computer handling or adjusting such issues were very arduous and strenuous, but by the advent of computer systems and internet service such issues can be resolved too. In present days there are many operating systems and software that are being launched to maintain and adjust the accounts of an organization. These software’s perform their duties with high efficiency and effectiveness, secondly, they are time shielded too. If the accountants work manually, it consumes more time as compare to working with the computers and it also helps to record all the information in its permanent storage devices so the problem of loss of records gets resolves as well.

Following are the examples of software used for accounting purposes.

1. KMyMoney

2. GnuCash


KMyMoney is a personal finance software that is used to handle accounts. It is also used as a cross-platform personal finance controller. KMyMoney is assembled based on KDE frameworks technologies for use on our desktop and notebook gadgets. KMyMoneny is free software and available in almost all operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and FreeBSD. KMyMoney contains a large variety of tools and financial features which maintain the data entry and records safe. The license issued to KMyMoney is GPL. KMyMoney is written in the C++ programming language.



Following are some features of KMyMoney.

  1. ACCOUNTS: In KMyMoney the accounting tool is used for liabilities and assets recording.
  2. INSTITUTIONS: The feature of institutions in KMyMoney is optional, it is used to view data associated with an institution such as a broker, a bank, or credit card, etc. it is also used forgrouping of accounts.
  3. PAYEES: The feature of the payee in KMyMoney accumulates the list of payees. By clicking on the payee on the screen the user can see all the transactions associated with a distinct payee.
  4. CATEGORIES: We can usually see the feature of categories in accounting software. In KMyMoney categories and sub-categories are used to categorized income entries and expenses.
  5. TAGS: The feature of tag in KMyMoney is used to help track investment.



C++ is a cross-platform programming language that is used for the development of high-effecting applications. C++ was introduced by “Bjarne Stroustrup”. C++ is considered a complex language to understand and to be professional on it is not easy. Nowadays C++ language is used in games and compounded business applications because of its stability and solidity. The C++ programming language has a bright future as compare to other languages and C++ is now more evolved and advance that is why the programmer or developer mostly uses C++ language for coding and programming.



  1. C++ is used in developing an operating system because when the developer is developing system software, he needs a programming language that has high stability power and can assemble easily. In short, C++ is an ideal choice for developing system software.
  2. In the development of the browser the C++ language is highly recommendable because of its speed and ability to search the content in no time.
  3. Most of the graphic application requires fast exhibiting same like a case of browsers, C++ helps developer because of its high-power speed the power speed offers by C++ is highly compatible with all other programming languages. The tendency which is given by C++ helps developers to target the more market in such a way that with this tendency application can easily be run in low-end devices which do not have high reckoning power.
  4. C++ is also used in banking applications the use of C++ in banks is extensive because in the banking sector millions of transactions occur every second so those developers need a C++-type programming language that offers high speed and low latency.



GnuCash is application software used to sustain accounts and adjust balance sheets. GnuCash is considered a personal account software and used in small business transactions and relations, it is an open license application software and can be download easily in Microsoft Windows, macOS, LINUX, BSD, and Solaris operating system. The license offers to GnuCash is GLU/Linux. GnuCash is stress-free to use, it is designed in such a way that users can understand it effectively. By using GnuCash we can track bank accounts, conserve stocks, the flow of income, and expenses. As it is used in a proficient way GnuCash was developed based on accounting principles.



1) DOUBLE ENTRY: The main feature of GnuCash is double entry. It can perform double-entry transactions. It can debit the account and can credit it by an equal amount and the difference between expenses and income so by this the accuracy of work is very efficient and accurate and by GnuCash, we can sum up the assets and liabilities.

2) CHECKBOOK-STYLE REGISTER: The GnuCash feature of checkbook-style is used for providing custom, suitable and conversant interference to run financial transactions.

3) SCHEDULED TRANSACTIONS: Schedule transaction is a very helpful feature installed in GnuCash, it gives reminder of all schedule transaction which are near and is due. By this attribute, if the accountant forgot any transaction the reminder notification reminds him about transactions.

4) STATMENT RECONCILIATION: In bank reconciliation, we compare bank statements from accounts. bank reconciliation helps us to recheck all the transactions that occur in a month or year.

GnuCash offers a tool that makes bank reconciliation an easy chore for accountants and bankers.

C LANGUAGE: C Language is a programming language used to develop application software and operating system. “Dennis Ritchie” develops C language, which is a cross-platform programming language. C language supports structural programs, lexical inconstant scope, and recursion. C language provides a right and efficient path to code typical machine instruction. it is observed that all the applications coded in assembly language are now transferred in C language.


1) For the software domain: if you are the one working in a software domain, or want to be a professional software developer or designer, then you need to learn the C language efficiently. It is the language of professional programmers and assists in designing large applications and software.

2) Developing browsers and databases: c language is a key for developing internet browsers and their extensions. It was made to develop and design huge databases.

KMyMoney VS GnuCash:

We have discussed both of the applications in detail earlier but when we compare both of them then we get to know that, both of the applications are crucial according to their uses,  we came to know that KMyMoney supports import financing programs while the GnuCash is multi-tasking platform. Both of the applications are free to use but the KMyMoney is easily configured and the GnuCash has an auto-backup option. KMyMoney provides a very good KDE integration while GnuCash allows the double data entry accounting. The main difference between the two is that KMyMoney uses for large business steups, while GnuCash is designed to set up small businesses. GunCash supports investments, while the KMyMoney is similar to that of quicken, those who know how to operate the quicken application can easily use KMyMoney.

KMyMoney offers limited online banking functions, while GnuCash is successful in such purposes. GnuCash allows better online functioning. But the GnuCash reports customization and is very complex and difficult to operate. Setting options and the user interface is more complex in GnuCash than KMyMoney and it requires special skills for creating new profiles and reports which is beyond the simple programming abilities. But if we talk about the KMyMoney, it is easy to operate and does not requires special skills for its functioning. Moreover, GnuCash offers difficult accounting tactics than KMyMoney. The double-entry accounting is confusing for the users and they adopt other software from that of GnuCash. These users may be non-business owners and do not have proper knowledge of programming. But if you are a professional programmer and a business owner too, GnuCash is of your choice, as it provides more attributes than KMyMoney. But if you are a beginner in the programming world, then you must adopt KMyMoney, as it is easy to configure and operate. It is less confusing than GnuCash and allows beginners and professionals to experience better and progressed working.

 Final verdict:

In this article, we have discussed two of the best business applications and software that will allow you to run your business with full pace and momentum. These devices play a very important role in developing and acing business either of big or of large scale. This modern world is truly based on technological devices and high-tech services, and now in this modern world, if you want to develop businesses that will run on the path of success and prosperity, you need the assistance of such software and programs. We have compared the two best business applications, adopt them according to your requirements and needs.


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