Problems of Motherboards

What are the Common Problems of Motherboard?

What are the Common Problems of Motherboard?

A PC system is complete until and unless you do not have the best quality of motherboard. The motherboard is the most vital component of your computer system on which the full functionality of the PC system depends on. It is just through permission of the motherboard, with which your system can be able to install anything or might even stop you from installing it.

On rare occasions, possibly some issues might come up with the motherboard, disturbing the whole functioning of the PC system. This can be in the form of illegal operations, fatal exceptions, or general protection in the form of fault error messages.

Right through this guide, we will share with you a few of the primary and common problems of the motherboard along with their fixing/solutions:

Not Having Enough Power

Before you purchase a motherboard, you should always check the device\’s power system because the motherboard is based on two power connections. They have the main 20-to-24-pin connector and second four- or eight-pin connector, hidden all away by the processor socket. Ensure that both of them are plugged in correctly because many people overlook checking it, which can be a big issue. Ensure that both of the plugs have been seated accurately and properly match the correct set of power supply cords.

Improperly installed components

Improper installation of the motherboard components is another major cause of the weak functioning of the system. If the components are not installed properly, then it generally becomes the cause of malfunctioning for the system. Somehow your PC will not be able to make its way through the POST, or it might even turn on. Some of the potential culprits are the video card, processor, and RAM. A significant problem takes place when the video card and the RAM are not installed properly. Check that you installed them correctly.

No Case Power Button Connection

The power button of the PC case is connected with the motherboard through a small and thin two-pin wire. Not making a proper connection will not be letting your PC start accurately. Once the wire is connected, the power button will be turned on, and the motherboard will receive the command to start functioning. Most of the users neglect this issue, but they have no idea how much important it is. Even a tiny bent or even the misalignment of the wiring can cause some big issues.

It might be daunting to connect the power button for any newbie. Different motherboard connectors are designed to make improper installation impossible. Power button connection is hence labeled up with just small symbols such as Pwr+ and Pwr-. You should check the power button system and align the wiring before it creates a hassle for you.


To solve any one of these motherboard problems, make sure that you take guidance from the IT experts who already have vast knowledge about the motherboard and using this system. Consult them now and get your motherboard free from all the problems.

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