Access denied by Server iPhone?

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Importance of Mobile Phones:

Do you know communication wasn’t easy before the invention of mobile phones? It has limitations, as, before the mobile phones, there were landline phones which restricted people’s interaction in a certain place where the telephone set was fixed. In those days when a family member used to go out for some work, or any other purpose, and if returned after the estimated he had intimated, those extended waiting time increased desperation, caught the minds with different worries. As there was no source of getting in touch the heart kept pounding till that person returned home. We have compiled the best information about access denied by server iPhone in the article. Continue digging.

Imagine in this uncertain current situation of the world when you don’t know even you will safely return home or not if there weren’t any mobile phones how the circumstance would have been. There are so many accidents taking place all the time, and a fast media link spreads the news all over. Whenever such an incident occurs, you can calm yourself by immediately contacting your loved one to confirm his safety.


In addition, these have made possible 24 hours communication between the employer and the employees and also facilitated the parents to communicate and stay in touch with their children’s teachers. This is not all, it has not only made the interaction between people fast and easier but also have facilitated us in other fields of our daily lives. Before the mobile phones and internet, you were compelled to go out in extreme weather to buy the commodities, but now you can just install an app on the phone and order online your desired product which you get available at your doorstep in some time.

In the past, many candidates used to miss the chance of their test or interview because the letter sent by the employer sometimes couldn’t reach at the time whereas now you receive call or message on your phone which had minimized the mentioned risk.

Furthermore, you can get access to any news, or surf the internet to gain a piece of information on any topic, talk to your family, friends when you are away, capture the memories on your mobile phone camera, use its calculator, play games, watch movies, check your business mails, get to an online meeting, and so on with your mobile phones.

Advancement in Mobile phone\’s technology:

The very first mobile phones very big in size, heavy to carry, and didn’t have the features as compared to the one\’s today. When they were first introduced, were only used to make and receive calls and messages, later its features enhanced, camera, FM radio was added. As time passed, it became more slim, smart, light in weight, convenient to carry and more and more useful for the users, internet and Bluetooth were added to its features, it started helping the businessmen in their work, later with the advent of android phone, you became able to install different software in it and used the apps for various purpose.


Whether it is an Office app, a location finder app, a taxi service app, video watching or learning language app or thousands of such you are able to install in your smartphone. Its role became as of mini and portable computer, it started to be used for making documents or opening them in your phones, you could hold videoconference, stay logged in to the social media and keep in touch with hundreds of people all the time. It has made possible online consultation with the doctors, doing online courses, or even taking online classes as in the current situation. The most advanced and expensive technology in mobile phones is the iPhone, which we are going to discuss in detail.

What is an iPhone?

It is a smartphone introduced by Apple in 2007, with its unique operating system for which more than two million apps are available on the internet. It comprises all the functions of the computer, mobile phone, and iPod with as a feature of touch screen. The camera in these is digitalized too. Hence, It has all the characteristics of a smartphone whether we talk about Bluetooth, hotspot, Wi-Fi, digital camera, high-quality display screen, and so on.

Each year Apple introduces a new model of iPhone to the market with more memory size and better visual qualities. It is expensive than the other smartphones, but its features justify its price too. Currently, the best iPhone models available in the market are; iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone Mini, iPhone Mini, iPhone SE 2020, and so on.


If we talk about connect iPhone to the internet, it has Wi-Fi connecting power in it. You can connect to the internet by using mobile data or turning on the Wi-Fi if you have an internet connection with a Wi-Fi device available. Today, using the internet has become our need, we use it for any purpose, whether work or home management or student life, in one or another way we are enjoying the facility of the internet.

It is a fact, when we use a certain product or a service, we face problems while enjoying its benefit somewhat. The same is the case with the internet, you may get disconnected from it again and again if problems Wi-Fi signals are not available or your ISP ( Internet Service Provider) has a problem with his server. In some cases when you try to get access to a certain website through your computer or smartphone you get a message of “access denied to server” and when you are using your iPhone, the same problem is faced and you receive the same message, Why this is so? Let’s have a look!

Access denied by Server iPhone?

When you get this message, trying to visit a website, and you can’t there may be one of the following issues;

  • A foreign country might have blocked the user access from your location due to any political or cultural issue.
  • You might have turned off the permission of some apps which restrict you to move along to a certain app.
  • There may be different proxy and cookies settings in your iPhone than the ones required to access certain website
  • There may be a difference in your time and date as compared to the server’s time and date settings.
  • If your VPN is on.
  • The problem in Router’s settings
  • While using Safari App.

So far we have discussed the causes that may be the reason for you not being able to access certain websites through the iPhone, now we will see how we may fix the above problems if incurred.

“How to fix the problem of Access Denied by Server iPhone?”

Every problem has a solution, so is with the one stated above, let’s check one by one as follows;

  • If you are not being able to connect to a website because a foreign country has blocked the users of your country, or your government has blocked certain websites for you to get access to, you cannot do anything in this regard, just try to look for another website.
  • Open up the settings, app list will be available, now click the app where you are getting problems to work with, turn on all the permission for this app, this will certainly fix it.
  • You might have different proxy settings as the server, Reset all the network settings and restore to the factory ones to do this. Click on Settings, then General, and then click Reset.
  • Go to the time and date settings, turn on the Automatically set time, if it is on but you are having a problem, turn it off and then on again.
  • If your VPN is on, turn it off to do this go to Settings, click General, select VPN, then choose the “i” button, you will then see “Connect on Demand”, turn it off.
  • If the Router setting is creating a problem, restart it, for checking it connect to your mobile data and if you are not getting the same problem without the router, then it is only the problem caused by it, for this you need to restart it.
  • Go to the settings, choose safari, and clear history and website data.
  • Restart your iPhone. Sometimes the problem is fixed by just restarting your device. In some iPhone models where there is no home button just press the side, top or volume button or a few seconds, whereas in others you cant do it by just pressing the home button.


Detailed Conclusion:

As we know, the importance of mobile phones in our lives cannot be ignored. Whichever is the field, it has excessively helped us by providing its utility. Today, there may be a very less number of people how are no taking advantage of this smart technology, might be using one with fewer features and less price, but availing its basic services, but this is also a fact that each product always has its pros and cons, so far we have discussed its pros but what about the cons?

There is not a lot, but the one which we feel considerable is that we are badly becoming dependent on our cell phones and spending most of our work time using it for productive reasons and our leisure time too wasting on it, there may be very fewer people who don’t use the mobile phones before going to the bed. It is of wide concern, that the time which people used to spend together the concentration which was surfed on others, is now being restricted only to the cell phones. Children who used to spend their time in their physical activities and playing with their friends are now most of the time stuck to their phones. We are becoming less socialized as each day passes by this is of great concern if we pay heed to it but this can be overcome by ourselves if we set our routine properly and divide the time among different activities and the one to our cell phones. So, in general, mobile phones have made our lives easy and we cannot deny their importance.

There has been a real advancement in mobile phone technology as we have already mentioned previously. A device that was first introduced to us was able to only send and receive calls and messages have now become more useful than a computer. If we talk about iPhone, it has the functions o a computer, a cell phone, a camera, a device to watch and enjoy movies and cartoons, having the function of a t.v. It can be used to listen to music, watch educational lectures, calculate, play games, perform your business task and so many other activities!

Despite, all that you may face problems while using it. One of the problems we have discussed is while having a problem accessing certain websites or use an app which is certainly not a big issue. We have already mentioned the problems which you might face while connecting to the internet through your iPhone and also given the solution to them one by one. There are two kinds of issues, one which is in your hands to resolve and the other you cannot.

The former one can simply be resolved by changing certain settings in your iPhone or restarting the router if it is creating the problem, and then later you cannot do anything with it, because there are some countries which have block the users from your country, you may just search and go on an alternative one or there may be some websites which your government has blocked to be used by its people, because they may contain any harmful or misappropriate content which may be going against your religious, national, or ethical values, so you must not try to gain access to it. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are now able to fix up any problem you might confront while accessing a certain app or website while connecting to the internet by your iPhone!


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