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Have you ever confronted up with a situation at work or home, when you have recorded a pretty amount of data on your computer, and it has all vanished with some kind of power failure or any other reason? It would be a real waste of time and energy you have served your work. How frustrating this would be, so we should find a way not to lose the work we have done in this scenario. Generally, at home, we use different backup methods, external hardware devices, network storage systems, or different software to prevent losing our important files and folders.

But the different organizations do not just rely on these backup methods, as they have extended working and a large number of workers and people involved, they need a more professional and reliable source, for this purpose they avail the services of different servers. As we know that in an organization, communication plays a vital and indispensable role it. All the time internal and external communication is taking place in an organization. We have compiled the best information about cant connect to ldap server in the article. We suggest you to carry on reading.

How problematic and time-wasting it would be for the employees to get out from their seat and go to the cabin of another person for some kind of business communication, to give or receive any file or any other business document. So, to ease the community of an organization, servers play a very important role.

What is a Server?

A server as its name suggests serves the people who have connected their system with it to get access to any files, or documents, e-mails, or other resources available on it. It may be physical or virtual. In the case of physical, a powerful computer, with a role of the server may be attached to multiple devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, physically connect in a certain place or premises, those at the same time can retrieve the information available on it. A virtual server would be a network server that people can access through the help of the internet, such as Cloud Storage and so on.


Importance of Server

One cannot deny the importance of the servers, they help to upload and store the data on them, allowing the people to get access at the same time. The computers which are connected to the servers can send their files or documents to them, so the others can get access to them when required. These are very helpful to get back your data in case you have lost it on your computer. It is a powerful source of backup and an open-source communication between different systems. It may be very useful in businesses for quick and effective communication.


These are very useful in the extension of the business organizations, in case you are not physically available at the workplace, at home or out of city or country, by login with the user-id and password you may get access to the system and continue your work, this ends the limitation of you being physically absent on the workplace, on the other hand, it has helped to spread the businesses worldwide, many organizations have hired competitive people from foreign countries to work for their organizations, they connect through the servers and work without being physically present.

In addition to it, many people work remotely living in the same country, this reduces the expenses of the organizations, as they do not have to pay the utility bills and rent as if they physically had the employees working in their company’s premises.

Types of Server:

There are different kinds of services used for various purposes, some of these are;

Proxy Server, Mail Server, Web Server, FTP Server, Real-Time Communication Server, Telnet Server, Virtual Server, Open Source Server, and LDAP Server.


Proxy Server- Creates a link between the user and the web pages

Mail Server – It allows you to send and receive mails

Web  Server – It contains web pages and provide the users when commanded

FTP Server – It is used to transfer the files between the computers connected to the server

Real-Time Communication Server – It allows the users to send and receive messages instantly through telecommunication, for example, telephones, mobile phones, etc.

Telnet Server – It allows running and manage the programs on the server by the remote users.

Virtual Server – It shares its hardware and software resources among the users connected to it.

Open Source Server – It is a server that contains websites, that can be accessed by anyone without any restriction.

LDAP Server- Used to create, manage and access directory services.


What is an LDAP Server?

LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server is mainly used to create, manage and access the directory services within a network. Directory services include information about users, files, folders, telephone numbers, email addresses, printers. It means any person connected to this server may get access to the following saved information, in addition, if there is a need to print certain documents, you may, by using the printer that is already connected to the server network.


A directory service is a particular storage system in a single location, easily managed by the administrator which allows the other people connected to its server to gain access to the information as needed.

How Does the LDAP server work?

LDAP server works by connecting its users to its server, the user sends a request to the server which in turn processes so that the user can provide his username and id to login. Once accepted by the server, it grants access to its data.

Furthermore, LDAP is a directory service, that is used to preserve, retrieve and control the information about mail accounts, users\’ documents, their computer accounts, and all the other information stored on the server. To get its facility it is not necessary to be physically present over there, he may get access from anywhere if he is authenticated to get access.

The directory serves as a link between the employees and the administrator of an organization making the information available at one platform ready to be used and exchanged when needed.

Benefits of using LDAP Server:

This can be very beneficial for proper and smooth communication within an organization. The information stored in this can be accessible by anyone connected to the server, but there is an option available for its users to make and store personal folders in it, in case of loss of data in their personal computers, they may have its replica backed-up in the server.

It helps the employees to stay in touch with their work if they are away, they can connect to the server from anywhere and download the information wherever and whenever needed. It may be risky to download a file from a place that is shared among so many people, for this purpose different software programs are used to make this process safe and sound for its users.

Another advantage of connecting to the LDAP server is that, if you face suspension in power supply, your data wouldn’t be lost, it will still be backing up, this is so because most of the servers are now available with a technology known as redundant power supply, which have two power supplies attached to them, in case one has a problem, it keeps working by using the other one. This prevents you from any accidental loss of data. The LDAP server is a platform to store and access all the information needed in the organization, further it is the best form of regular backup for all the computer users connected with its network.

 Can’t Connect to LDAP Server:

What is the reason, you might get this message? Well, there may be various reasons which are causing this problem. Some of them are;

  • The server may not be running
  • The security group would have reached the full limit of 5000 causing load balance failure
  • If you are trying to connect to a different port than the one specified
  • If the user name is not in the record

How to Resolve the connection Problem?

To overcome the problem faced when trying to connect to the LDAP server, you may need to follow the steps enlisted below;

  • Make sure the server is working properly
  • Ensure you have provided valid credentials
  • Ensure the security groups has not crossed the limit of 5000
  • Connect with the same port as specified by the server

“How to Connect to LDAP server?”

Following are the steps which enable you to connect to the LDAP server;

  • Firstly, the administrator of the Server System configures all the settings such as its IP address, users\’ access limit, port. Etc
  • Secondly, it stores the authentic users’ required information in its system tree
  • Thirdly, the user will enter his login id and password
  • Next, the system will match the given credentials with the ones saved in it
  • Finally, if the given information matched with the one saved, the user will get access to the stored information in the directory of the LDAP server.

It is not a difficult procedure to connect to the  LDAP server if you are authorized to do so, but many times due to some reason you may get access denied. Let’s check out some reasons why you may get errors while trying to access the server;

Common error messages received while connecting to the LDAP server,

“No such Object”- You may encounter this error if the object you are searching for doesn’t exist in the directory.

 “Can’t Chase Referral- If your computer is constantly not connected to the network, you will get this message.

Insufficient Access”- You may get this message if you are trying to login with a user id that is not in the record of the system.

“Invalid Credentials”- This error message will be seen while trying to connect if your password does not match the password already fed in the system.

These are some of the common errors  found while connecting to the LDAP Server, but here we need to focus on the error message generally received as follows;


Final Conclusion:

Hopefully, by now we have learned what a server is, it is a system whether a computer or a software program that simply connects multiple computers to the network allowing them to access, retrieve, and backup their data. This plays a very important role in an organization where there is a need to transmit a large amount of data between the workers, it provides easy access to it by storing it all in one server, they can simply access the files or information needed by logging in to it. There are different kinds of servers each with a specific characteristic and function.

The one which was our main focus was the LDAP server, it is the most used in organizations to facilitate the smooth working and providing the employees the benefits of continuous backup of their important files which they can retrieve in case of any problem in their computer system and moreover, it allows the employees the benefits to having access to the server even when they are out of the company’s premises which due to which they can easily work from home or anywhere they are. This has not only facilitated the in-house employees but also allows hiring employees outstation, allowing them to connect to the LDAP server and work efficiently as the ones physically available.

We may also often face problems connecting to it, for this we have mentioned what they might would be and how they may be resolved. For this we may ensure that the server is running properly, we are providing a valid id, matching the one fed in the system, the security group in the system has not reached its limit, if so we won’t be able to log in. It would be wise to first properly diagnose the problem, whatever it is, then the cause, and then the solution to finally go on to resolve an error incurred.


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