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When you are working on your computer while excessing the digital data you need its encoding too. This encoding is done in the form of a file. A file is a collection or a package of closely related data that emerges to a user as a single either homogenous or heterogenous (containing multiple types of data) packet of information that can be stored in the computer memory and can be retrieved by its file name. But the file stored can have different formats for different types of data like images, texts, audios, and videos, etc., file formatting is defined as the multiple ways of encoding digital data into a specific file. Here computer storage refers to the analog computer parts like hard drives, etc., which can store data for a relatively long time like months and years. We have compiled the best information about how to fill colors in PDF in the article. Carry on searching.

When we talk about the importance of file formatting we get to know that it is very crucial if we want our data or information to remain the same without being changed in the computer storage even after many years. We all know this fact very well that computers operates and manipulates based on a binary system (the system containing the successive series of ones and zeros), each letter have a specific sequence, and pixels (dots) are specified for images and when a file is stored in the computer memory it is stored on the bases of these sequences.

But the human brain is not capable enough to read such successions and cannot understands the correct chronology of each data packet. So, to resolve such queries, a human-comprehensible system was developed which can convert these binary sequences into human-readable text images and another type of data, and the system was called file formatting.

The first file format was developed in the late 1900s and up till now, there are several file formatting applications present that are developed to allow you to excess digital data encoding with ease. The file formats can be divided further based on types of data encoding, like text, images, videos, etc., for each type of data specific file formatting tools are designed which assist in encrypting information.

When we talk about text formatting, it is considered as one of the simplest forms of formatting. This type of formatting solely has binary encrypting of the simple readable text such as alphabets, number, and punctuation characters, etc., plain text formatting is considered a good human-computer interface.

The other type of data formatting is image type. This is a revolutionized file formatting technique that now helps us enter images to make our documents look more interesting. This dot which is known as pixels is encoded for each image size.

There are several file formats present that assist us in storing data more finely. These file formats are JPEG (particularly set for images), PDF, GIF, TIFF, MP3, ZIP, etc.. all these file formats are designed for a specific purpose like MP3 for audios and videos, PDF for plain texts and images. But let’s discuss the most common and famous file format i.e., PDF.

What is PDF?

PDF is an abbreviation of portable document format. It was developed by adobe in 1992 to provide the file format which can include rector images and vector graphics along with the plain text document. It is one of the most widely used file formats which is running around the globe. Not just this many individuals considered PDF files more easily readable than any other format. PDF has an additional page layout option that assists you in locating every item on the page, including the size and images of the indenture.


The storage policy of PDF is standard. It saves all documents in a standard form. The PDF file appears the same whether you open it up in your android smartphone, IOS, or your MacBook, or windows. PDF files do appear same in all type of devices. PDF is primarily designed for exchanging document format. It helps in better saving. PDF does not have editing and creating document options for which you should go for options like Microsoft office word, adobe InDesign, or CorelDraw.

A PDF file also contains metadata. Metadata is the data that provides additional information about the file. The metadata includes the title of the document, keywords, author\’s name, and subject. PDF can also store an immerse font style, so you don’t have to download additional applications to encode such fonts. Encryption by an authorized user is made part of PDF. An authorized person can open them which ensures that PDF format is a safer option to adopt.

How to create a PDF file?

Generally, the documents are not typed or inserted in a PDF document rather it is famous for its easy readability and transferability. Other applications like Microsoft word is frequently used for such purposes. But for better storage and encryption individuals convert their word documents into PDF files. Now in the updated and advanced versions of Microsoft office word, create a PDF file or Export to PDF file options are built-in which helps in better storage and easy document transfer. IOS MacBook has a built-in option of saving as PDF which can truly determine how helpful PDF is.

Viewing and editing PDF files:

To view or read a PDF file all you must have is a PDF reader. Formerly only adobe PDF reader was available in the market but now a number of applications have been launched that allow us to read PDF documents. An additional feature of editing PDF documents is now available. You can edit your PDF document with the help of PDF editors like adobe acrobat or by a third-party hardware system. Editors use the fill and sign option allowing you to edit a PDF file. Moreover, you can highlight a text or fill color in the PDF document too. Programs that support OCR allow you to scan your PDF document. Furthermore, you can merge different PDF files together by the use of PDF editors like PDF penpro 11, acrobat pro-DC, PDF candy, etc.


Additional Features of PDF format:

Some general features of PDF were discussed earlier but now let’s talk about some additional attributes.

1- File attachment: it is now possible in the updated version of PDF format that you can attach file and document along with your PDF data.

2. Signature and encoding: this Is an additional feature installed to assure security. This is basically designed for confidentiality which helps individuals to secure their data and private information. PDF now allows you to have a password or a passkey for securing your data allowing you to ensure security technicalities.

3. Insertion of multimedia: who knows that pdf will be able to provide a service that includes the addition of multimedia too. by the use of rich media PDF, you can now add multimedia in your pdf document as well.

4. Easy accessibility to disabled: by considering all mankind equal PDF have now made its format in a manner that it can be easily accessible by the disabled individuals as well. PDF files format can now include audio, tags, captions, and a lot more features that provide ease to the disabled too.

5. Filling colors: you can now fill colors in the PDF document and highlight text which is important that will make reading easier for the readers, by the help of PDF editor.

How to fill color in PDF?

It seems to be a very usual fact that everyone wants the best for themselves. The same is in the documents case. Every individual urges to make their document look more attractive and modish than others. For such purposes, applications like Microsoft word  have features installed that can give a document a modish look. They have provided attributes of filling colors, adding different font styles, and different alignments for their document.

Colors are a key that gives a document an attractive look. By colors, you can easily distinguish between different text. Not only this it will also assist you in giving your document a modish look. But what if you have received a PDF document with no such features? Or you want to upgrade this document by adding colors? Is this possible? the answer is yes! Due to advancements in PDF format, many PDF editors have been developed that will help you to achieve this goal. You cannot only add color in a PDF document, but you can also do general editing as well, like aligning document properly if it is not. Arranging the document in proper order and much more. This is all possible due to the advancement of the PDF editor.

Multiple PDF editors are available in the market that allows you to do easy and fast editing. Let’s just talk about the most commonly used editor is adobe acrobat. Being the generator of the PDF adobe understands it more deeply than any other editor. It understands the general and advanced needs that are necessary and steps must be taken for making PDF format easier and better than before. Not only this adobe acrobat allows you to do general and advance editing within the PDF format in no time. Now we must discuss the most frequently asked questions that are how to fill color in PDF format document? Or what steps should I take to fill color in text boxes in PDF format? to resolve such problems you just need to follow some steps.

  • Open up your PDF document with PDF editor.
  • Select the text field you want to fill color in.
  • Once the field is selected right click it and the properties dialogue box will appear.
  • On the field text properties, you can see some functions like general, appearance, position, actions, format, validate and calculate. Among them select appearance.
  • After selecting the appearance tool, you can see the border color and fill color option. Select the appropriate color for your text field.
  • After selecting the right color click close.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make your document look finer than before.

Highlighting text in PDF format:

When you are a reader that reads books, novels, newspapers digitally, you need some option that will able you to highlight important text or message. Not only this when you are transferring a document in a PDF form and you need to highlight important data or information all you must need a highlighter option that will make you able to highlight such texts and data. Now, do we have such features installed in PDF editor that will allow you to have such attributes? The answer is yes! You can now easily highlight words or sentences that are important and store them for further use as well.


Now how can you do that? You will be glad to know that it is very easy to highlight a PDF format document by a PDF editor. For highlighting your text follow these easy steps:

  • Open up your PDF document with PDF editor.
  • Now click on the highlighter icon.
  • You can see two options after clicking to highlighter icon that is freehand highlighter or text highlighter.
  • Choose either of the highlighters according to your needs.
  • Select the desired color and thickness of your intended highlighter.
  • Drag the arrow of your cursor to the text or area you want to highlight.
  • When you are done with editing or highlighting click the download option to save your upgraded PDF file.

Once you are done with all these steps you will be able to see your desired or important text or words highlighted in your PDF document.

Final verdict:

File formatting allows us to have better storage of our files whether they are in text, image, audio, or other data forms. The idea of formatting helps us in getting extensions like txt, jpeg.pdf, gif, png, and a lot more that aids us in recognizing the type of data formats. In this article we have discussed some of the advanced attributes of PDF formatting like the addition of data, having metadata and a lot more that allows us to have a fine data base. PDF formatting not only allows finer storage but now too gives us a chance of editing which as well assists us in having fine and better documents than before like that of adding colors which will make our document look more interesting and attractive.

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