How to find a Gmail password on Mac?

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1- Introduction 

2- Bank, a secure place for safe custody

3- Role of Computer to record, backup, and protection of data

4- Ways to back up the Computer data

5- Electronic Media and its uses

6- E-mail, an important source of interaction

7- How to find a Gmail Password on Mac?

8- Uses of Gmail Account

9- How to create a Gmail Account

10- Final Conclusion


Would you like someone to peek into your secured and personal things? Probably not! We never like anyone meddling with our personal belongings, neither do other people. It is not ethical either. Everyone should be given a space in their lives, too much interference causes irritates. Even if you take our relations, getting too much in the lives of our loved ones can cause them frustrated, everyone should understand this fact. We have compiled the best information about how to find Gmail password on mac in the article. Carry on your research.

Earlier, trunk boxes were used by people in homes to save their precious things, such as jewelry, ornaments, and important documents. These were made of iron and steel, secured by manual locks, and were commonly used by people whether in the cities or the villages. Even though, they are still used in banks and offices to save vouchers, important documents, and other records. You maybe wondering why these are still used in banks. Files in these are protected as it doesn’t burn with fire. Later on cupboards with the main lock and inside locker were introduced to the public. People could keep their clothes, shoes and other personal things, in addition, money and important documents could be kept secured in the inside locker. As time passed by, the social crime rate kept on increasing, keeping things secured at home could not be possible as the robbers; dacoits could easily break down the lock and get access to them.

Bank, a secure place for safe custody

So, to overcome these risks, people started to become dependent on banks. It is safe to keep a large amount of cash, not needed, and the savings in them. Gold and diamond jewelry are kept there safely, respective lockers are allotted personally and you can anytime get back your belongings. Banks are a safer place as compared to home as it is properly secured by the guards and a more sophisticated alarm system is installed in it, following by 24 hours CCTV coverage. All the data and records are daily saved in the computers and backup is also sent to the head office. In the case of fire or any mishap, your assets’ record does not vanish.


It is a fact that nothing in this world is 100 percent secure, so the banks too. Off and on you might hear the news of robbery attempts in the bank, most of the attackers are failed as resisted and sometimes they become successful, but it is for sure a much more secure place to keep your saving safe.

Above, we generally discussed why and how we keep our material things sound and safe. That is not it. Only material things are not to be kept secure, but also we have important and confidential data which we don’t want to share with others.

Role of Computer to record, backup, and protection of data

A few decades back, when the Computer was not invented, do you know how people used to save a large number of documents? They used to keep them in the files and they were used to be in bulk that a separate storeroom was used to keep them.


How hectic it would be for the workers, firstly to write down the information on the pages one by one and then make separate files as such that they can be identified when needed. This was done by using labels and kept systematically by respective categories. But still, would not it be a bit difficult task to get the desired file amongst hundreds and thousands of them? For sure it would have been too hectic and time-consuming. Moreover, they were not safe in the instance of a short circuit or a fire. Once, they were caught by a fire, nothing left, but a flame!

Ways to back up the Computer data

Coming back to our point, the Computer, certainly was a huge addition to the science and technology industry. In the beginning, it was used to input and record the data, later on, its functions and uses started to expand. It, first of all, replaced the typewriter which was used days back, data was directly typed onto the hard copies, with the introduction of the computer, the option of recording data increased.


It was not your choice whether to input and save the data on the hard disk of the computer and get out its immediate softcopy or just to save it in the computer and make and arrange folders in it.A large amount of data is recorded into the computer which is fast and more convenient. You do not have to bother by working on a large amount of paperwork. It can also be easily backed up in multiple hard disks, CD-ROM, a floppy, or a flash driver and by connecting these in any other system you can have access to them.

Electronic Media and its uses

Do you remember before the Internet Era, how a message was sent to people far away? Which sources were used?  Let’s talk briefly about them. Earlier, we used to write letters to our loved ones which took weeks, even a month to reach the destination or for urgent contact we used telephones, fax service too. Distances matter at those times, as we did not have continuous contact with distant living family members or friends, there was always desperation of having them apart. As time passed by, Computer along with the internet was introduced to us. Internet is a huge network that connects multiple computers around the world. It is like a web that has entrapped all the network-connected computers in it, that is why it is known as the World Wide Web.


The computer connected through the internet can easily send, receive and share messages at fingertips instantly within seconds. You can now also keep in touch with the people far away by video and audio calls and send and receive your precious moments captured in the cameras in a few clicks which have to a great extent decreased the distances between the people living apart which has led to happiness and satisfaction even though you are physically far.

E-mail, an important source of interaction

E-mail is an electronic mail which has replaced the former traditional mail which was sent to people living apart or abroad and it took a considerable amount of time to reach. A message took months to be responded to. With the creation of electronic mail, a message can be sent with a single click. You may have heard of Hotmail and Yahoo mail a few years back but now Gmail is most commonly used.  Email is used for personal as well as official use. Nowadays it is mostly being used for official purposes. The use of various chatting apps, video conferencing apps has overcome the utility of email for personal interactions. Moreover, another advantage of email for official purposes is that if you have to circulate a message amongst multiple people all of the workers, enter their name in CC and at one click it gets into their inboxes. You can also archive the emails which are important and can also forward them easily. Official records are always confidential and so are the accounts of each employee.


Even a person using from home wants to secure his account so that it may not be used by others. For this purpose, you should choose a strong password and keep it to yourself. Sometimes, you may forget the password to your account if you haven’t saved it into your computer system. It can be a bit problematic but there is always a solution to a problem. Now we are going to discuss what you need to do if you have forgotten the password of your Gmail account and you need to find it on your MacBook.

How to find a Gmail Password on Mac?


It is not secure to tick the “Remember Me” option in your Gmail account, so it does not have access to unconcerned people. It is better to just remember it, but we as human beings can forget it as we have lots of other things to keep in mind too. So, if you forget your password you should follow these simple steps to retrieve it;

  • Click on System Preferences and Open it
  • Select internet connections
  • After that, click on internet accounts
  • A page will open from where you will select the account to be verified
  • A small box will appear and ask to enter the required password
  • Now click on the cancel button, all the details of your Gmail account, including your password, would appear.
Uses of Gmail Account

Gmail account is used for sending and receiving mails, especially it has security filters which prevent spam and has an email notification feature which informs you of latest incoming mail as soon as it reaches your inbox.

How to create a Gmail Account

Creating a Gmail account is very easy, most people create it very easily. Followings are the steps which should be followed:

  • Connect to the internet
  • Open an internet browser
  • Write create Gmail account
  • A page will open where you will need to enter your credentials such as your name, age, gender, date of birth.
  • You will then enter an id which you will use as your Gmail account, enter a password, a security question would be asked which you need to remember.
  • If the id has not been taken by someone else, you will be allotted this Gmail id and you are all set to go!


Final Conclusion:

We should keep our things safe from any kind of external manipulation, for this purpose different methods are used for different purposes. As we have already discussed, we need different storage resources for various purposes. Some of them are secured by locks and some by digital codes or passwords. In this modern era, we need to create passwords for different tasks and it is very important to do so. We need a password if we want our cell phone not to be used by others, it is also needed if we need to take out money through an ATM card, and the Pin is needed to be entered into the ATM to do so. If you want your desktop to be secured, again you can do so by applying a password to it. Whether it is a social media account or any other mail account it requires a password to enter into.

After reading this article, you may have gotten familiar with the importance of securing your physical assets as well as your digital data and the methods used to do so. We generally discussed the storage objects, lockers, cupboards we use in our homes for sound and safe things. How the office files and records were kept and the extra load of work they put on the employees.

As we have discussed, the data is digitally recorded into the Computers, whether it is official or personal, the methods and devices used to secure or backing up them. Furthermore, the importance of electronic mail, its uses, and specifically Gmail was elaborated.

Have you ever confronted up with a situation when you try to log in to your Gmail account and you keep getting the notification of the wrong password, try again! A feeling of desperation arouses at the moment, how to retrieve your account. But it is nothing to worry about. Never in your life, should you worry about anything whatever situation may you be in. If we keep our minds cool, we would be able to find the solution to the problem but if we take it too much on ourselves something too easy would become a monster for us, so we should always try to keep calm. So, we hope after reading the above-stated method to find the password of the Gmail account, you have understood what to do in that kind of situation. It is not a difficult procedure, you just need to know and follow the right steps.

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