How to open MRI CD on Mac?

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Apple Inc., one of the most trusted brands when we talk about technology. Apple never fails to amaze its users with its upgradable products. Whether it is laptops, smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. Apple always provides its users the best devices. Not only this apple urged to provide devices with the latest attributes and features. These devices are made to supply technology with speed, durability, and reliability. The apple products are named as iPhone, iPad, MacBook. These devices are provided with special operating systems that are so designed to provide you the best adaptable and extensible electronic devices. We have complied best information about how to open mri cd in mac, just keep exploring.

For smartphones like that of iPhone and iPad, Apple has installed IOS operating system. And for laptops like MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook air apple has designed OS operating system, which helps in making MacBook distinguishable from all other ordinary laptops. MacBook is one of the most successful devices of apple inc. it was first developed in 2006 by Macintosh computer. The basic aim of its development was to provide users a device that will assist them in all advanced attributes.

People always want extensible and upgradable devices for themselves. The users are always urged to have laptops that are equipped with all the latest and modish attributes. By considering all such needs, apple designed MacBook so it can easily meet all the demands of the users.

Let’s just discuss some basic attributes of mac or how it fulfills all the users\’ needs. First of all, it is made upgradable, meaning that you don’t have to change your MacBook after using it for some years as it is now unable to fulfill, or it cannot achieve all the advanced technology requirements. MacBook can upgrade itself automatically which ensures that you can enjoy all the advanced fruits of technology.  Now if we talk about the latest MacBook, it contains a digital retina display that is eye-sensitive and provides full protection to your eye. It has pre-installed applications and processors like that of pages that is a word processor.

Pages help you to upgrade your textual content with a variety of facilities or attributes. The pre-installed applications like calculator, calendar, font book, clock, compass, facetime, etc., are so designed that will assist in many different ways, according to your needs. Not only this when we discuss the storage and memory of the MacBook, it has wide storage with an option of the external hard drive as well. you can connect a portable hard drive to your MacBook if you think that the built-in storage is not enough.

The battery of the MacBook is developed that can give your MacBook a long working time. Long battery life aids you in experience progressed working. You don’t have to stick your laptop to the electricity plug for too long. Yet You don’t have to charge it after every 1 or 2 hours. This decreases the chances of disturbance during your working hours, and you will be able to experience better and faster working.

Now mac providers have developed improved OS and safari security in the latest MacBook. This security system is made part of your MacBook to protect your devices from external threats. This security system also saves your data loss and protects your private and confidential information too.

Along with the above-mentioned attributes, multiple other features are made part of the MacBook. According to a survey the most asked question of users are, can mac support MRI CDs or DICOM files? Or how can open we an MRI cd on mac? Let’s just discuss these questions comprehensively.

What is MRI?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is a medical technique that is used to study human body organs or tissues. In MRI magnetic and computer-generated radio waves are passing through the human body or the specified part of the human body. MRI machine is generally a long hollow tube, in which the intended patient is made to pass through a magnetic field. These fields arrange the water molecules of the patients and the Radio waves cause these realigned water molecules or atoms to create a faint or light image of that MRI specified part of the patient.




MRI is generally done to examine the affected or damaged human body part. The damaged human body part can be a cell, tissue, or an entire organ that has disturbed the normal daily life of the individual. With the help of MRI, it becomes easy for the doctor to get the actual reason for the disease or disorder. There are some conditions listed in which MRI is used to examine the human body, tissues, or organ:

  • Disorders of internal eye, ears, and nose
  • Carcinomas of multiple sites like that of breasts, adrenal glands, etc.
  • Tumors of different sites of the body including the brain and spinal cord.
  • Strokes
  • Deep internal injuries
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Aneurysms of vessels particularly of cerebral vessels.
  • To examine abnormalities of certain organs like that of brain, uterus, kidney, ovaries, pancreas, spleen, etc.
  • To study internal cardiac blood vessels or angina and hypertensive patients.
  • To study joint abnormalities
  • To study bone disorders ETC.

Doctor’s study and examine all such conditions with the help of images generated by the MRI techniques. The images of affected body parts like that of infected tissues or tumors or cancers are printed on the photographic sheet with the help of radioactive rays. These images were present in the form of the photographic sheet in earlier times when MRI was first introduced. But now, the 3D images are also made which aids in finer and better examining.

These images are made by the computer engineering department that is basically handling all the controls of the MRI imaging. There are 3D videos of the MRI examining that helps doctors in understanding the disease more accurately. MRI is a technique that has put a milestone in medical technology. It is a technique that is painless but is painful in deep examining like that of deep adenocarcinomas, breast tumors examining, etc.

What is MRI CD?

When your doctor prescribes you MRI and in modern hospitals, the doctors also ask to get your MRI imaging CD along with the photographic image, then what is this MRI CD? MRI CD is a 3D image or the set of data containing visualized, scanned, and tested part of the human body that has built up by the imaging department. Either they directly send this to your consultant or give a copy of the imaging to the attendants as well.

You can enter or insert this CD on your computer to see the 3D image of the MRI intended patients. They main aim of building up this CD program is to increase the compliance of patients and of the doctors as well. Due to the presence of MRI CD, you don’t have to carry long space-occupying reports to the hospital rather you can carry a small portable disk with you.


It is easy to carry a small disk which reduces the attendant’s burden too. You don’t have to manage long reports and save them for further investigation as it is difficult to look after them, with the invention of the MRI CD you can easily take care of the MRI scanning as it is a small portable device, and much better than the old photographic sheets.

Along with the patients, it is easier for the doctor to examine MRI CD than that of the old photographic sheets. Modern doctors don’t use the old way of MRI scanning in which they put the photographic sheet over the lighted device which assists them in clear screening. Now the doctors directly get the MRI CD copy of the intended patients directly into their personal computers, laptops, or in mac, which provides them assistance in better and improvised scanning. Doctors can easily access these CDs and can properly scan the patient’s report with the help of 3D imaging.

In earlier times, MRI scanning of some deeper carcinomas (cancers), tumors, and internal injuries was not possible because the idea of 3D imaging was not discovered. Proper picturing of such conditions cannot be done due to which doctors were unable to treat them. But now, 3D imaging has made a great advancement in the diagnosing techniques and is also assisting the doctors in finer scanning so they can know the root cause of this disease and can do progressed treatment of patients.


DICOM is an abbreviation of digital imaging and communications in medicine. It is an image format that is specially built to support medical imaging like that of MRI, CT scans, X-rays, etc. modern medical imaging is based on 3D services that can only be accessed by the users if they are in DICOM format like that of MRI CD.


This format is pre-installed in the computers placed in hospitals to get access through such kinds of images. Not only this DICOM severs as the medium of transferring and receiving medical images from one computer to another. But these files can only open if you have this format supporting devices.

DICOM is used globally to access, store and transfer medical images. DICOM plays a vital part in the development of modern radiological imaging. DICOM supports protocols and algorithms to share medical images in the form of DVD, CD, 3D-visualization, and result reporting, etc., DICOM also supports media files of radiography, computed tomography, ultrasonography, and radiation therapies, etc.,

Now, what if we want to get such medical files or images on our personal computers or laptops? what are the methods due to which we can access such files in our home laptops and MacBook’s?, let’s just discuss those techniques by which we can easily access these medical images.

How to open MRI CD on Mac:

As we all know that fact very well that MRI CDs are medical imaging files. For that, we must have a DICOM format in our mac or in our computers to access such files. The first step you should take is to check whether your Mac has a DICOM viewer or not. MRI CD only supports DICOM format for its accessibility.

There are rumors that you have might heard that you cannot open or access your MRI CD on mac, or there is no possible way of opening an MRI CD on your personal computer. These are all myths that misguide you. You can do that with the assistance of a third-party tool called a DICOM viewer. A DICOM viewer is an application that is being used by the patients and the practitioners as well. Through DICOM viewer you can see or access the DICOM files easily.

Not just this, the 3D DICOM viewer is made to convert your 2D radiological files or scans into the 3D format. In addition to it, a DICOM viewer can also assist you in rotating, measuring patient-specific files in 3D imaging. An example of a DICOM viewer is OsiriX . OsiriX is a trusted DICOM viewing application. It is used by professionals to view DICOM supporting documents. For viewing MRI CD on your mac follow the above-mentioned steps.

  • Open your mac, download a DICOM supporting application.
  • Once the app gets downloaded, open up the application.
  • While your DICOM viewing application open press command+O from your mac keyboard.
  • Now navigate the MRI CD or other supporting data into the DICOM viewing application.
  • Choose the images or data you want to see.
  • Click open to open the MRI CD or other DICOM supporting file.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily see your MRI CD or images which were not accessible before.

Final verdict:

When you are studying a patient’s, MRI images or other DICOM data or files, you need to have proper assistance and tools whether you are in a hospital or at your home. You need to have a device that provides you speed, better techniques of studying, and pace.

When you go through such files the ordinary laptops will start to hang up as their motherboards and operating systems are not strong enough to handle or access such large-size images, but mac won’t disappoint you. Despite not having a built-in DICOM reader, mac allows you to access such large DICOM files very easily with the assistance of a DICOM viewer.


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