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Have you ever heard from your Grandma, Grandpa, or your Parents that how were the days before the invention of the telephone? People living at a distance used to communicate with each other via sending letters. It took weeks or months to send and receive a message, but those were the beautiful days. Even though it was a very slow process but holding and reading the letter sent by your loved one had a charm in itself, the feeling was just great.

As time passed by the telephone was introduced to the world, earlier it was expensive and very rare not many people were able to buy a telephone and its connection, but gradually it became common and came in the reach of the general public. First, the telephone sets had a cord you needed to go to a certain place where the telephone set was placed, later they were produced cordless, you could hold the receiver and talk on it meanwhile doing other tasks or walking along with your house. There has been a larger evolution in the phone industry since then. Firstly, we will discuss the most commonly used that is mobile phone. We have compiled the best information about norstar phone system trouble shooting in the article. Keep searching.

Evolution of the Mobile phone:

There was a time when the mobile phone was introduced to the market, it was too expensive and was out of common people’s purchasing power. An elite class could afford it at that time. Making the mobile calls was expensive too, even it had roaming charges, and that is, you needed to pay for the incoming calls too. At the start, there were a few companies that were enrolled in its manufacturing. Some of them are Nokia, Ericson, Siemens, and Samsung.


Nokia was the one most demanded because it was of a higher quality and the experience of using it was good for the consumers. Do you remember, how heavy and small-sized the early mobiles were? They had a black and white screen display. You could only play games and make calls with them; later on, flip mobile technology was introduced followed by the camera installed in it. At the beginning of the Millennium, A feature of the mobile phone was introduced which had most of the features of the computer, the businessmen and the bureaucrats benefited from it.

It had a big screen and was able to install software through which you were able to use it as a mini-computer. After that Wi-Fi and blue tooth became common, android was introduced, and as today, the mobile phone has become a computer in itself. As the new models were made, their memory capacity kept on increasing with a high-resolution screen. Any software app can be downloaded and used. It has now become our need every day of our lives. Let’s glance at some of its benefits and the reason for its increasing popularity as each day passes by.

Benefits of using Mobile Phones and the reason of their Popularity:

As we know there are many nations in the world, having unique tastes, culture, and way of life due to which a product which has a high demand in one place may have a low demand in other subjected to the geographical, metrological conditions, religious and social values, but! It is not the same as the case of technological products. Every human wants to spend his life at ease, for this purpose, the machines, electrical products, latest technology and so the mobile phones have equal demand in any corner of the world. Have you ever thought about why mobile phones are excessively used all around the world? Well, it is the features with which it is composed.

What is not in it? It is used to make calls, send messages. You may be going on a long journey and watching a movie on it, or listen to music, watching the news, hence spending quality time. It can also be used to play games. Today’s mother hands on her mobile phone to her fussy child to play games or watch cartoons on it while she is doing some important work. Furthermore, if you are off on a family trip, and along you come across a beautiful natural scenic view, you may capture it with your mobile phone camera or make a video and upload it instantly on your social media accounts, at the same time sharing your joyous moments with all you friends as well.


You can read important messages and mail when you are out of your office, Google assistant on your phone is always ready to provide you virtual assistance. Apart from these, before you needed to put an alarming piece on your side table, now you can easily avail yourself that facility from your mobile phone. Nowadays, it is used extensively for online shopping, food delivery, video conferencing, and such facilities. In this current pandemic situation when the schools are closed, teachers and parents have instant and smooth interaction with each other.

Before social media, letters were circulated among the parents that needed time but now you just type or record a voice message and can send it to multiple people at one click through most commonly Whatsapp applications which you download on your mobile phones. So far, we have known about one of the important evolution in the phone industry, now we are going to know about other product which is most commonly used in the business and official sector that is Norstar Phone.

What is a Norstar phone system?

Norstar is a digital telephone with an LCD screen, multiple Norstar phone makes up Office telephonic system also known as Norstar phone system, you cannot only make calls through it but can also be used for faxes and voice mails. This is the best system for small and medium-sized businesses.

How Norstar system work?

Through the Norstar phone system, you can connect several phones using few main lines coming directly from the exchange. Presume if the number of employees in an office is more than 50, would it be feasible and affordable to get 50 or more different telephone connections? Not at all. If you have installed the Norstar office telephone system in your organization, the phones are interconnected to each other, Let’s say there are 5 main connections, each connection shared among 10 employees but it is not the same as with an internet connection.


If you have installed a router that connects many devices to the internet simultaneously, but in this phone system, only one employee can use the mainline at a time. The phone also has two intercom buttons on it, you can connect to a maximum of two phones within the organization. Special numbers are assigned to the phones, you just need to dial their extension number, and you are connected. You can put on hold one internal call while talking to the other. Moreover, it has a music button too, when you receive a call and you put it on the hold meanwhile you can play music for the caller. The setting of the phone system can be customized according to your need. We have never noticed but this is widely being used in offices, schools, and different organizations.

When you call in such a place, you are connected to the main office number and your call is transferred to the desired number manually through dialing the extension number, and in most organizations, it is computerized too. It has eased the communication in the organization but, every device or system comes across problems too. No, we will see how we can troubleshoot the Norstar phone system.

Norstar phone system Troubleshooting!

We have so far discussed the uses and benefits of the mortar phone system, now we are going to learn how to perform its troubleshooting in case of any problem incurred, to identify it. It is very easy to do so by following some simple steps.

  • First of all, you need to check that all the incoming and outgoing connection lines are properly installed, you can check if it\’s working through listening to the dial tone.
  • After that, you need to make a test call to a connection internally installed through the Intercom button and an external connection by pressing the Line button.
  • Next, you need to reset all the settings including network and connection.
  • Now restore the primary factory settings of the NorstarIP device.
  • Finally, you will need Norstar’s customer support service for that contact its servicing office.

Final Conclusion:

Hopefully, by now you would have become familiar with the evolution of the phone from a simple telephone to a Norstar phone system, and a simple mobile phone to an android mobile phone. We have discussed how the phones brought change in the communication system, they replaced handwritten letters which was the most commonly used medium of communication between the people living apart.

The telephones made communication more fast and convenient. It was an invention as you could hear the voice of a person on the other side. It is worth thinking about how this is made possible. Here we are going to make clear how this works, your landline telephone is connected to the central exchange office which carries the signals to it, and then those are passed to the recipient which is also connected to the same exchange.

This procedure is carried out in the local calls, but if you are calling to other city or a country it is a bit more sophisticated. Your phone is connected to the central exchange system in your area, and that exchange is connected to the central exchange of the other area, where the recipient\’s landline is connected, this is how your call is connected. In the early days, this was done manually by the operators on the duty in the exchange offices but now it is carried out by the computers as the technology has been advanced.

This was all about our simple landline connections, now talking about the Norstar phone system, that has been serving the business, organization, and other institutes since many years. It has made possible the internal communication between the employees in the organization very convenient and so with the external ones. You can just install this system and customize its setting, interconnect them using their assigned exchange numbers.

This phone is digital with an installed LCD. If you make an internal call, there you can see an arrow pointing to “intercom” and if you are in call with an external line, it points “line” button on the phone. In the case of internal connection, the exchange number of the other phone is also displayed which tells you which phone you are connected to.

Adding more to it, you should know that internally multiple connections two at a time may be connected, and multiple phones are using the same line but if you talk about an external line, a single call on a line can be entertained. Multiple phones would not be able to connect to one external call as in the case of the internet if you install a router, multiple people can connect to the single internet connection or device.

This system is a plus to the business as it minimizes the cost of extra phone line connections and make the message pass quickly internally among the workers this is why the phone is still been used by the offices, and mobile phones have not taken its place.

We should know about all the aspects of the system or product we are using, what to do in case of any mal function or a problem incurred, so keeping intact this point we are now well aware that this phone system can also face problem in its connections and what we need to do, if we follow a few simple steps of troubleshooting its system, as stated earlier we can easily overcome, the errors it may give. Ending up the discussion, we may agree that how important and indispensable the Norstar phone system is to develop internal and external communications of the organizations.

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