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What is the Internet?

Have you heard about the Global Village? It sounds as if people all around the globe have a connection with this. But how? It is the internet, the International Network, that has connected people around the world without any distinction of creed, culture, religion, and social values. It has brought everyone to the same platform, concentrating the people from every corner of the world together, whether it is an elite area of the United States, or a small town of a third world country, a son of a laborer, or a son of a Prince, each is gaining its benefit, enjoying its utility, this is why the term “Global Village” is thought together with the concept of the internet. We have gathered best information about renew lease Wi-Fi, keep looking.


It is a network that connects computers, through servers all around the world, also known as the World Wide Web. It has embraced all the people of the world, through connecting the computers into its web this is why it is called so.

As we know, when a product or service is introduced, it is always the beginning, does not has many features as it would have later, as there is an advancement in the technology, the features of the former enhance, same is the case with the internet, it first started to develop formerly known as Arpanet, in the late 1960s in California, which is now known as the internet. In the beginning, only two computers were connected, later the number of computers interconnected increased and released to the public in the early 90s. Now the internet can be accessed in different ways, there are various types of internet which have been invented till now, let’s briefly discuss them.

Types of Internet transmission:

As we have stated, there are multiple ways which are used to transmit the internet service, that is as follows;


  • Dial-up Internet Connection– This kind of connection uses telephone lines to connect to different desktop computers and laptops. This is done by the copper wire of telephone lines which are used to transmit voice messages but in this case, its mode of communication changes to data transmission. You need a modem and a telephone line connection for getting to this facility, but one of its drawbacks is that when you are using the line for internet your phone line remains busy and if you want to make a call you need to disconnect the internet.
  • DSL– Digital Subscriber Line, this also uses the telephone line, but its technology is a bit sophisticated than the former. In this kind, your connection is established with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) when you initiate the dial-up service your modem will send connect to the modem of the ISP, establishing a connection among the two, starting to send and receive the data signals. This is an improved form of the internet with more speed, as the telephone line is used for both to make calls, and to use the internet at the same time without causing disturbance to each other, that is you can talk to your friend while working on the computer using the internet!
  • Cable Internet– This uses the same network as your television cable network, you need to connect the cable to the modem to avail this facility. For this purpose a cable that is connected to the mainline is sub-connected to the cable coming to your home, which you need to connect to the modem, this creates a complete setup that allows transmitting the digital data as long as your cable is connected. It is also known as broadband internet connection, and it has a much faster speed than that of dial-up.
  • Satellite Internet– This is a unique system of the internet as compared to the others. It does not need any cable connection from the Internet Service Provider(ISP) as it is wireless internet. To establish a satellite connection you need a satellite dish connected through a cable to your modem. The ISP sends fiber internet signals to the satellite dish in space, which are caught by a satellite dish at your house roof. It is though expensive than the other kinds of internet connections but is worthful to use in the areas, where other systems of the internet are unavailable.
  • Optic Fiber Internet– This is the fastest speed internet available currently. Fiber optic cables are placed underground, used to transmit the data to the computers. Their inner part is made with glass outer part covered by plastic. Through these cables, signals are traveled through the laser pulses or light as compared to others which use electric current to send and receive the signals. Its fastest speed update is upto 1000 Mbps (1 Gb) which is absolutely turbo!

So far we have discussed the different types of internet connections available. This was all about the single connection coming from outside to connect you to the internet, but what to do if you have more than one computer or more devices compatible with the internet, how would you connect all that to the internet? Years back when the internet came into use it was not so common, was just used to connect the computers but now we have multiple devices to connect to it, for this we need a Wi-fi. What wi-fi is, it will be made clear to you as you scroll down.

What is a Wi-Fi?

If we generally talk about wi-fi, in simple words, it is a wireless technology that facilitates multiple devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops, tabs to connect to the internet simultaneously.


For this, you need to buy a Wi-Fi device also known as a router to connect the internet cable to it, the signals would diverge, allowing various devices to connect to it. If we technically talk about it, is a wireless local area network (WLAN) that allows to send and receive the data using radio waves. Every Wi-Fi device has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. It is a number assigned by your ISP for the identification of your device which can be seen by anyone, and it puts the security of your device and your activities in danger.

Through IP address, anyone can trace your location using your IP address. Do you know how the hackers get into your data and programs? It is the IP address that enables them to take hold of your device, which is worrying some. In the case this happens what should you do? Change your IP address. Now, Lets check how its done?

Renew Lease Wi-fi?

First of all, we need to know what is meant by Wi-Fi lease, it the process of a special number assigned to your network device by the server of your ISP, and Changing your IP address in technical term is known as renewing lease Wi-Fi. When you connect your network device to the server on your network, it will issue an IP address to your router for a period of a maximum of 24 hours, which will be renewed automatically after half time has passed.

This IP address will only work when you will at home when you are out for work, or anywhere else, the server of that network will assign your device a different IP. In case you are at home and do not connect your device for a long time to the server, your IP address will be assigned to someone else’s device. This automatic process will happen unless you get a static IP, with that you can customize your Wi-Fi lease. There are different ways for different devices to perform this function as stated below;

How to renew lease Wi-Fi of different devices?

As we already know what renewing a lease means, now moving further we will see how different devices do so,

Renewing IP address on Android

This is very simple to do so on an Android device, select settings, click on Wi-Fi, there would be an option “forget” select it, this way your previous IP address vanishes, when you will connect again to the Wi-Fi, you will be assigned a new IP.

Renewing a Computer’s IP address

To do so you need to click start and scroll to the apps listed, then move to the Windows folder and right-click on it to get to Command Prompt, when the Command Prompt appears type in it ipconfig/release and enter, this will remove your IP address. Now to get a new one simply type ipconfig/renew and press enter and that is it!

Renewing IP on MAC

In this case, you need to select the Apple menu, and go on to System Preferences and choose Network, a list of the network would appear, on the left side the name of network service you have would appear, click on it, it advances settings would appear, now you need to click on TCP/IP, then click renew and your task is completed.

Final Conclusion:

By now you may have gotten a clear concept of what the internet is how it works and so on. Surely, it has made our connection to the world facile. Before the advent of internet nobody would have known such connectivity and accessibility among the people residing in different areas would be possible.

This has helped us to know the other nations, people, and cultures of the world. The Internet has brought the knowledge to our finger tips. If you need to know about anything just type it on the search engine and you will get a thorough ad accurate detail about it. Before the internet, if you wanted to clear any concept you needed to ask different people, search different books but now you have it all in your hands.

It has made everything reachable to you by just clicking whether it\’s to get an information, to do some grocery, perform a financial transaction, send and receive email, chat, video conferencing, online meetings, and so on. In the beginning, the dial-up connection was common, its speed wasn’t very fast and it occupied your telephone line, later DSL was introduced, which was a bit advanced than the former, this allowed you to use the internet, and make calls simultaneously, then was introduced the Cable network which used use cable tv connection and was faster, moving further satellite internet was discovered.

This is more expensive than the former ones but can be used in areas where other network connections cannot be installed, as it needs a satellite to connect to the internet. Last but not least is the fastest and most advanced, the Optic fiber, it uses light to carry the signals, and as you know it can catch up to 1000 MBPS which is just awesome and we don’t know what is yet to come.

It is not feasible for us to get multiple internet connections for devices at our home and at work, for this purpose, a Wi-Fi device is used to expand the network signals to multiple devices. A Wi-Fi device carries an IP address with it, which can be discoverable by other people and can get dangerous if reaches the hackers, to overcome this problem we need to change the IP of our device, that is renew our Wi-Fi lease, which he has already mentioned. There are different but simple steps for different devices to do so.

Even though it is changed automatically in 24 hours, but if you customize it you can do it by yourself considering the methods stated earlier.

This strengthens the security of your device because an IP can give access to the hackers to control your device and tell your location to the others whom you do not want to share, as we all know that how dangerous hacking may be, the attackers may get access to all your passwords, credit cards and moving further can get access to your bank account or may use your social media accounts to post inappropriate data, so it is vital to renew your IP if it is been done automatically well and good, if not do it yourself!


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