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Every day more and more different means and methods of communication appear globally, and the internet plays a central role in this process. After all, communication is a way of interaction between not only ordinary people with each other but also business people or business partners. With the advancement of the internet, this communication has gone beyond one home, city, and even one country. We have compiled some great information regarding stop Skype for business from starting automatically. Please have a close look.

Social networks, instant messengers, e-mail, forums, and magazines organized in the network space, numerous Internet magazines and Internet newspapers, and so on have become a vital aspect of everyday life for many.

Undoubtedly, other means of transmitting information over a distance have existed for many years: mail, telephone, telegraph. However, the progressing speed of information technology has been moving forward over the past few years. Therefore, everyone is trying to join this revolution, which makes the internet is the most significant phenomenon in this world.

Let\’s turn to modern life in Western European countries and America. We can see that the internet has already become so firmly entrenched in all business and business spheres of activity that mobile banking, instant messengers with built-in money transfer capabilities, contactless payment terminals already seem commonplace. Internet shops are increasingly replacing their natural counterparts.

The developmental history of the internet began in 1958 when the first satellite was launched into space by the Soviet Union. In response, the US created the ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) organization, which created a new unique communications system. By 1968, the organization had built the first network based on modern Internet principles. Although many industrial and educational institutions became part of the network over the next decade, basic protocols were developed that are still used today on the internet.

What is Skype?

Skype is a program for calling and messaging over the Internet. The program also supports video calls using webcams. Its first version was released in 2003. Developers from Sweden, Denmark, and Estonia took part in the creation of the program.


To start using, you need to go to the website, register on it by entering your e-mail, and download and install the program itself. This program allows you to make calls to both other users and regular phones. At the same time, calls within Skype are free, and calls to mobile and landline phones are paid. Therefore, calling from abroad is much cheaper and more profitable than from a landline or mobile phone.

Its users can even see each other during a call if they have webcams installed and connected. However, it is the support for video calls that made it one of the most popular dialers in the world.

To contact a person, you need to know his nickname (username), which allows you to add the user to your \”contact list.\”

Internet communications in this system are free and unlimited – in other words, you can call another subscriber as much and whenever you want. However, when you want to call a mobile or landline phone, you have to pay (though, in most cases, at very favorable rates). To do this, the user must have sufficient funds in their personal Skype account.

  • Features of Skype

Some of its main features are:

  • Make free calls to other subscribers
  • Allows to call mobile and landline phones at low rates
  • Allows voice calls with several people at once
  • Receive calls from mobile and landline phones
  • Forward calls to any phone
  • Enable Caller ID
  • Call international numbers from your phone at cheaper rates
  • Make video calls between two subscribers
  • Support Video chat with multiple users simultaneously
  • Send free video messages
  • Exchange instant messages
  • Send low-cost SMS messages
  • Set up personal voicemail
  • Send files of any format and size
  • Show your screen to another subscriber
  • Share your screen with multiple users
  • Exchange contact information, phone numbers, and logins
  • Integrate your account with the social network Facebook
  • Connect to the Internet from over two million public Wi-Fi networks around the world
  • Make calls through a SIP-enabled PBX
  • Manager lets you manage your use at work or home
  • Make video calls directly from


Skype for Business

The efficiency of a modern company as a whole depends on the speed and efficiency of employee interaction. IT solutions for Business allow you to unite branches, reduce distances and communication costs, in a word, transfer work processes into single information space.


Microsoft Lync is a platform that combines various ways of communication between users in one interface, which helps to increase employee productivity, save time and material costs for long-distance and international calls.

Not so long ago, Microsoft decided to combine two applications – Skype and Lync – into one rich communication platform. In April 2015, the Lync platform became Skype for Business, the name of which speaks for itself. It opens up new opportunities for communication in the business environment, both inside and outside the company.

Previously, Skype and Lync performed somewhat similar tasks and functions, but the new product combines all the best. Outwardly, the new platform looks like a traditional version, with all the icons and buttons – starting and ending a call, adding a video, turning on the camera; there is a separate window for tracking the status of a call while working with other applications. In addition, the functionality for Business got the ability to transfer files, telephony, and integration with Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office applications. Thus, online conferences have become more convenient and productive.

Microsoft enhances the features with new functionality by making video and audio calls to users of the traditional version. In addition, the new version has many more advantages that have improved communication in the business environment and beyond. It is a unique opportunity for any company.

  • Seamless Integration

Its simple integration provides number of features like:

  • Instant messaging, audio and video calls
  • Organizing and conducting online meetings
  • Sharing a database

It is fully integrated with all MS Office applications, making it easy to get started right from the Office applications.

With the current collective work in the application, you can quickly send a message to a colleague, e-mail, or directly contact by phone.

Its Outlook integration allows you to view the message log while working with other applications.

  • Unlimited Communication

You can connect with anyone in your company or any other user worldwide using any device or web browser. Up to 250 people can attend meetings. You do not need to install it for Business to join the conference; you only need a landline phone or an Internet connection.

  • Encrypted Business Information

Strong authentication and encryption algorithms protect all communication processes. The manager can manage employee accounts; assign access and capabilities based on the employee\’s competencies and the need for collaboration.

If your company already uses the Microsoft platform, it will automatically recognize the account information of every user in the organization.

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

It is universally compatible with most communication technologies: you can still make calls on PBX phones and participate in meetings using traditional video conferencing systems.

The emergence of a solution will allow your company to reduce the costs of supporting multiple services. The application combines all the necessary functions for effective business conduct – meeting, voice calls, video calling, text messaging, and file sharing.

In short, a unified workspace allows you to optimize user interaction procedures not only for the same company but also outside users while maintaining the reliability, security, and confidentiality of communication.

Stop Skype for Business from Starting Automatically

The application\’s autorun feature helps users eliminate the need to launch manually selected programs immediately after starting the device. With this feature, we need to have a system ready to work with all the necessary applications installed on the device. Unfortunately, there are unwanted issues with this easy-to-use feature. Sometimes it happens that some programs start working automatically.

The Auto start feature while using your communicator can be helpful, but sometimes you should avoid it. For example, many situations are not desirable to automatically launch the app, such as when we share a device with multiple users or when we do not want to connect to the network immediately after turning on the device. Fortunately, operating systems allow us to quickly and successfully manage the automatic launch of this app.

We will focus on fixing the problem with the intrusive appearance of Skype for business immediately after starting the device. Probably many of you were shocked when you found out that the application starts automatically and bothers you while doing other essential tasks through giving notification.

By default, Skype for Business starts when our Windows or Mac does. It is designed to save us the step of opening it and avoid forgetting it, which can impede people who do not want always to be connected to it. For this reason, today, we will see how to deactivate its automatic start.

For Microsoft Windows:

Let\’s follow the instructions below and find out how to disable the automatic launching of apps in Windows:

Method 01

  • To successfully disable automatic launch, open the Skype app and click \”…\” to expand the list of available options.
  • Now select Settings.
  • Finally, uncheck the \”Automatically start Skype\” box.
  • Well done! From now on, it will not start automatically.

Method 02

The second way to disable the automatic launching of applications is to use Windows settings. But, again, it is a straightforward way, and you need to go to application settings and then disable auto start options.

Follow the instructions below to stop the app from starting automatically on your computer.

  • First, click on the Start button.
  • Then click on the settings icon.
  • At this step, you must select applications from all folders.
  • Now click Start-up to open a complete list of applications that you can configure to start at login.
  • In the last step, uncheck the Skype box to disable the automatic launch of the application successfully.

You can perform this simple task as per your choice. Choose the most convenient way to stop the automatic launch of the application and enjoy the convenient use of your device!

For Mac:

Method 01

You can disable the automatic launch of Skype from the Dock by following these steps:

  • Start Skype from Launchpad, Finder, or Spotlight.
  • Find the Skype icon in the Dock.
  • Right-click on the icon.
  • Hover over Options. You will see a second menu.
  • There will be a field labeled as \”Open at Login.”
  • Click on the \”Open at login \”option to uncheck the box and disable the automatic launch.

The next time you log in as your user, it should not start automatically and bother you anymore.

Method 02

You can turn off the automatic launch of Skype after logging in to the settings.

You can disable its automatic launch from settings by following these steps:

  • On the top menu, click the Apple logo.
  • Go to \”System Preferences.”
  • In the System Preferences window, find and click Users and Groups.
  • On the left sidebar, under Current User, select your account.
  • On the right side, click the Login Items tab.
  • You will see a field with a list of applications that automatically open when you log in. Find and select \”Skype.”
  • Then, at the bottom, click the (-) icon to remove Skype from the list of auto-launch applications.

This setting will stop it from automatically launching on your Mac the next time you log in as your user.

Final Verdict:

Microsoft Skype for Business is a unified corporate communications platform that allows company employees to make phone or video calls both to each other and to external contacts. It also allows seeing all connected contacts on the network, sending instant messages, jointly discussing documents, and conducting audio and video or webbing conferencing for multiple participants. It is designed specifically for the corporate sector to increase employee productivity, save on long-distance and international calls, and reduce IT infrastructure costs.

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